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10 Replies to “Marxism: From Insurgency to Intersectionality | Political Warfare Briefing by Stephen Coughlin”

  1. https://youtu.be/c61Gz6bUlv0

    Whenever anyone says, ‘when I was five I had difficulty with my identity,’ they are only aping the trauma in the adults around them. Fear of spiders, fear of spiders. Resent men, resent being a man.

    His father converted from Christianity, when he was aged nine.
    So that up to aged nine, St Paul was his father. See the idol-worshipper, see the son.

    For with an absence of any father-nature within the home, there is the seeking to be joined with one.

    This can be,
    – to join a gang that submits to the most violent, by association, for a sense of manhood they haven’t got.
    – or stir the pot to make everyone femaled, a collective to hide behind within a diversity of many approvers.
    – or seek a male to love you, to have the experience of a real father, and never can.

    It is little wonder his father (who had already screwed up his family), turned to the one religion where their males exclaim, ‘thank g-d you made me a man!’ (and then puts on his right shoe on before his left every morning to reveal that he never was). His wife went back to Jesus, only figuratively a real man, but that had to do.

    Inheriting this mantle,from father to son, is a crucial childhood stage of cognitive development. Absent of fathers, any new authority there at the time will be latched onto as their very life itself. And these authorities never let them go to become themselves.

    Self-harm never fixes a broken spirit. It just make a proud victim and every child stumbling by design into them, a blank canvas.

    • What this means, is “The Left,” are all those children raised by Cucks.
      They are batches of hens by social engineering. The Model Man.

      To reason with them, is like explaining to a Homosexual or to a muslim they paths are simply illogical.

      But no one driven from fear and self-loathing to find the Golden Circle – the ring – is going to leave it. Capitulation makes the imam, teacher, momma, proud; for it make them Gods to have created you in their own images. Then it will be your turn to play

      Everyone of them, who came out of this hypnosis, faced the ugly truth about themselves.

      Bring them to that, an honest word that they can’t get out of their heads, can lead them to discovery and freedom.

      Until then, they are all bullies and martyrs.

    • So, in two generations, like the immigrants of islam brought home-grown terrorists into the host nations, like the Marxists supported single parenting in order to weaponize their kids, and the Sexuals destroyed the term gender to remove the disgusting memory of cis-mating, it can all come back.

      Two generations. Forty years in the desert. No Welfare. No Equality. No Diversity.

      Talent or die.

      Removing the decadence of Preference.

  2. Phase 1. For the Children of Socialism, their’s is the extended single parent family run by women in the whole of Society. Women are better than men. And industry, just quickly as you can say Edward Bernays, cottoned on to this: ‘Boy’s will be boys.” Mary Sues. Female-power. The media filled with impending world-doom and catastrophes. All simple solutions are ridiculed because you are not an expert.
    Emotions carry this day. Pride, outrage, offence. Microagressions. Grievances of Class. Everyone can have a seat at the top table and a share of the pie.

    A broken society of unquenchable narcissists.

    Phase 2.
    It is their children, that will become the Children of Communism. Their reaction to their Gretas will be cold, swift and merciless. The Rainbow Flag of egotistical decadence and fantasy will be removed by the new rules of stoicism and practicality. Homosexuals once welcomed, now are seen as corrupt. Women without bows in their hair. No longer the choices of your life, but your life chosen for you. The State has become the Allah for failed men, instead of islam. One the five-year plan, instead of the long term plan, works for these hens.

    • Life coaching- too abstract to make sense. Hollow.
      Sounds like group therapy – alcoholics anonymous, battered women. Troubled people sharing coping skills.
      Otherwise – get a hobby that’s a group activity. Bowling, book club, Bible study.

  3. So now, we can analyse Stephen Coughlan’s “political warfare” which is simply the way to create hens.

    Because, without knowing the goals of the thieves of souls, the terrorists or the narcissists, this method remains obuscated and hidden. It they were out to create dimmis, we know it is islam, if for an army of new sexuals we know it is the Rainbow LGBTQ+, but the momma of them all, that is their source of fake-God and fake-Man themselves, the true anti-god to equal out-of-existence, that brainless and directionless state of mind-kind, that is so confusing if beyond comprehension.

    To constantly say “You didn’t make that,” when you had advanced what had gone on before from your forefathers. To rob you of this, is to rob you of yourself, of your community of your tribe, of your humanity, of your creation, of your creator. There is no father at home or anywhere. Not a sense. The antenna that was misdirected by religious priests or fornicated upon by sexuals, is chopped off.

    “Political warfare,” is so diabolical a henship, the domestication of Man to eat as food, that not believing it is the preferable state of mind – and to be encouraged in. muslims no longer murder, it was just Islamists who follow the wrong islam. Blacks are not genetically predisposed higher crime rates, because you no longer see who do the robberies and rapes. So over a generation, muslims and Blacks now feel they are victims of police brutality. The removal of the truth, becomes the belief in the lie.

    The path laid of traps, is a slow one. And so I get ahead of myself, for Stephen has his map, and each step he mentions has a long trail behind it to get there.

    • “The effort to delegitimise the United States”.
      Submitting to a pretend outraged God, or a pretend outraged Man to be those proudly femaled to, has nothing on creating an absolute fatherless nation. No Allah, and where “every male is a woman”.

      The Founding Fathers presently block this Perfect Way from their world domination of the ant colony where pheromones are the wellbeing of the hive.

      Political warfare, is the deconstruction and misdirection of reality. Psychologists are there to make sure you remain in this state or take you away for Hate Crimes.

      • America won the battle for the Vietnamese people, yet lost the war for them.

        Propaganda seduced the TV armchair warriors. Now the Students (everyone goes to college for free debt), are those dismantlers.

        The fatherless John Lennons who never moved to China.

        Figuring out, that someone else figured out, that wars are lost in nurseries: no men ever came out.

      • Psychologists – there are good ones, got their own heads screwed on right. Probably ignore most of what they were taught in school, work from instinct and respect the individual.

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