Nevada reverses HCQ ban!

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  1. Excellent, excellent… There exists the possibility that this story will get out and a few million blockhead Democrats might actually get the fact that their beloved leaders let thousands of people die just to satisfy their hatred of Donald Trump and their raw lust for power. If there is any common sense left in this world people will react strongly to being mass-murdered by their own party and will flock to vote for Donald Trump. I’m hoping that hydroxychloroquine becomes Kryptonite for the left and brings them down to the basement where they belong…

    If Lory Loughlin can do time for bribing the teacher then surely Dr. Fauci can do even more time for murdering thousands of people by lying about HCQ when he knew it might save their lives…

  2. “Governors lied & restricted medicine that could have saved lives. They should be held accountable.”

    “Cannabis in Nevada became legal for recreational use effective January 1, 2017, having been legalized by ballot initiative in 2016. Medical marijuana use was legalized by ballot initiative in 2000, and has been available to licensed individuals in the state since shortly after that date.” – wiki

    More is the point:
    You could smoke carcinogenics and end up a begger on the Welfare State.
    You could not chose a preventative cure and be free from the Welfare State.

    What kind of governors are we talking about?

  3. Government bans re alternative treatments and therapies that have been proven successful should be considered as legal recourse for damages via a class action lawsuit.

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