Another dozen items showing reality is tilted on its axis: Links 2, September 20, 2020

1. Spain, one of the nations who’s death rate from Covid19 was used to frighten the rest of the world into economic suicide, is protesting the next round of lock downs which is coming because, I dunno, cases?

2. Swedish Journalist, Jan Sjunson, founder of Free Speech Advocacy in Sweden, speaks on the Koran burnings: “Free Speech and Islam”.


3. When reading this tweet please try and remember the arrests yesterday in Trafalgar square of peaceful people protesting Covid measures.


4. Enemy propaganda, not fake news.

5. Salty Cracker (Language) does a clip showing that some pop culture figures have a grip on reality and are ready to speak out on it

6. Biden: 200,000,000 people will have died of Covid 19 by the time he finishes this talk.

(And thats why people don’t trust authorities on the measures implemented.)

7. Anyone know what the Greek Newspaper headline is? What a condemnation of the state of the media in the world that this video does not say the headline or contents of the article.

8. Some perspective on the history of appointing a SCJ during an election year

9. US sanctions on forced labour made products is slowing down Chinese passenger jet manufacture

10. French cop kicks and stamps on British man’s head as he is arrested for ‘not wearing a face mask and possessing a knife’ at train station

A French policeman has been filmed kicking and stamping on a British man’s head after he allegedly brandished a knife at officers who demanded he wear a mask on a train.

Footage taken by fellow passengers shows the 42-year-old Englishman struggling on the ground while being detained by two officers at the station in Orleans.

The police were called to haul the Briton off the train bound for Toulouse on Tuesday after reports that he was drunk and refusing to wear a mask. 

As his colleague handcuffed the Briton, one of the policemen kicked the suspect’s head down onto the train platform prompting a passenger to exclaim, ‘It’s like the United States!’ 

(If the COVID measures where to get the public and state to hate and distrust each other its going swimmingly)

11. A good snapshot of the zeitgeist. Things are so messed up people felt they needed a march for the normal, and other people were against that march.

Poland: Nationalist protesters stage “March of Normality” in Bialystok

Nationalists and right-wing extremists took to the streets of Bialystok on Saturday, for a march in support of what they describe as traditional family values and against the ‘propaganda of deviation.’

Footage shows activists carrying banners reading “Family = boy + girl” and “Family is the strength of the nation.”

A small group of protesters held signs opposing the march while one activist was seen holding aloft a rainbow flag as the nationalist protesters marched past.

12. The funeral below is for a Muslim leader who incited a lot of extrajudicial killing, increased blasphemy laws, and the destruction of good leaders because they were insufficiently deferential to the letter of the koran.


Thank you M., Richard, ML., Sassy, C., ET., EB., Wrath of Khan, Hellequin GB., and a long list of wonderful people who are clinging to reality in surreal times.


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4 Replies to “Another dozen items showing reality is tilted on its axis: Links 2, September 20, 2020”

  1. 5 – How many more US voters are thinking the same thing? These are the people that will end up winning the fight over who controls the US.

    7 – I don’t know what they called Erdogan but it probably wasn’t strong enough to really describe him.

    9 – You don’t want to mess with The Donald, he knows how to use the economy to destroy your nation, a fact that the CCP is starting to discover.

  2. 12)

    Isn’t it WONDERFUL, no possible Coronavirus Infections seem to be possible at Muslim Funerals.
    Now doesn’t that insight should tell you something?

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