ANTIFA terror, BLM self deception and more: Links 1 for September 20, 2020

1. ANTIFA attacks a car with a dog in it and terrorizes all involved cause “racist Trump supporter” we are told.

Sassy added this comment. No idea where the intel came from:

So funny for the driver but sad for the dog.
The driver is some type of reporter who covers Antifa gatherings and is an Antifa sympathizer. Talk about eating your own!
I wonder if the reporter will reconsider his alliance with Antifa.

2. Spiking gun violence in Minneapolis as people increasingly want to cancel the police

3. Not 100% sure what this is exactly, but it appears to be the police explaining to a woman what is considered a legitimate CAUSE for protests and what is not. If this is correct, it means that protest is no longer legal at all in Great Britain. Even in China you can protest for more communism.

4. At last a representative of the Catholic Church speaks out for freedom of religion.

5. Not sure what this is beyond Rasmus Paludan dancing the Tango. One suspects there is a burning Koran nearby.

6. BLM activist from Indiana admits to posing as black person, vows to ‘seek help’

Another “black” activist has admitted to being a white person.

Satchuel Cole, a community organizer for Black Lives Matter in Indiana, fessed up to the years-long ruse in a Facebook post last week — and vowed to “seek help.”

“Friends, I need to take accountability for my actions and the harm that I have done. My deception and lies have hurt those I care most about. I have taken up space as a Black person while knowing I am white. I have used Blackness when it was not mine to use. I have asked for support and energy as a Black person. I have caused harm to the city, friends and the work that I held so dear,” said Cole, 45, who was born a woman but identifies as non-binary.

“I am sorry for the harm I have caused. I am sorry for the hurt and betrayal. I will do what I can to show that I want to be a better person,” she wrote.

(I would post a snark here but its low hanging fruit)

7. Probably time to watch The Killing Fields again

Much more of the same:

8. Let’s hope that Ted becomes either a SCJ or the president after Pence in 2032

More from Ted Cruz on nominations of SCJ

9. Russian tourist in Paris defends himself against muggers in Gare du Nord Hall

10. Christopher Rufo on Critical Race Theory & the Trump Admin’s Recent Ban | American Thought Leaders

(I personally know people in the military who were subjected to pure critical race theory and Neo-Marxism in advanced training for military intel)


Thank you Richard, M., ET.,  ML., Sassy, MadW., Wrath of Khan, EB., C. and all who contributed to this post greatly and the work of this site in general.

Below is the contents of an email I got about a Trump commercial. If its true that FB won’t allow the link to be passed, consequences should fall on FB. Not the least of which should be class action suits both as clients and 1st amendment if in the US.

If anyone knows where a proper copy of this video is, perhaps we can 3Speak it and make it easier to spread

Have you seen this ad? It was posted on a list I’m on. The person who posted it said that FaceBook pulled it and will not allow a forward so it can only be sent by e-mail. Someone else pointed out that the video is hosted at Cloudfront, who could at some point pull the ad. (6-minute video)

Lastly check out the diversity of ANTIFA



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7 Replies to “ANTIFA terror, BLM self deception and more: Links 1 for September 20, 2020”

  1. 9 I can confirm this is what Paris is like. If you’re ever there, try not to look like a tourist, keep your belongings safe, keep your head on a swivel.

    The tourist is polish, not russian. He swears in Polish.

  2. Cruise has said he wants his name taken off the list for SCJ, I think he is planning on trying for President. If we could get lucky enough to have Trump, Pence and Cruise as President for 2 terms each the Damage the left has done to the US Constitution and legal code would be reversed and the left would have to start back at square 1 in their quest to destroy freedom.

  3. If anyone knows where a proper copy of this video is, perhaps we can 3Speak it and make it easier to spread

    Umm, I right clicked and saved it, trying to upload it to bitchute now. (My first vid upload)

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