As usual for Yellow Vest Protest posts, the actual content is in the comments. Please check back over the weekend for more videos and news about this revitalized YVP movement in France.

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  1. France: Tear gas flies, several detained at Paris Yellow Vest protest

    Hundreds of Yellow Vest protesters swamped Paris streets on Saturday over planned pension reforms where clashes broke out with police officers in riot gear.

    Hundreds of protesters were seen marching and chanting through the streets of the French capital where they were seen setting fire to several rubbish bins, motorcycles before being met by a large number of heavily armoured police officers who were seen firing tear gas at the crowds to disperse them and made several arrests.

    The protest is taking place after France noted an increase in the number of coronavirus infections across the country. It also comes after the mandatory use of face masks in certain busier areas of Paris was established in August

  2. The Yellow Vest Protests started to protest high taxes and from the beginning antifa black blocks have infiltrated the protests and committed their usual crimes of smashing windows of businesses and cars. They then start fires and start fighting the police.

    Will this round of protests last as long as the previous ones and if they do how will they affect the French response to the Turkish actions? After al France is the only Western European nation to come to Greece’s aid.

  3. I don’t care how many videos are posted, in my honest opinion, the Gilets Jaunes movement is dying out.

    It all started two years ago when Macron pushed forward the retirement age. As much as I was pro-GJ, when I understood the underlying politics, it was about money on both sides of the aisle.

    And then, I noticed the Gilets Jaunes never impeded the Black Block. And we see the same today with Antifa and BLM.

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