Quebec appears to be forcibly interning “uncooperative” people in undisclosed locations not their homes for Corona reasons

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4 Replies to “Quebec appears to be forcibly interning “uncooperative” people in undisclosed locations not their homes for Corona reasons”

  1. So many questions to be asked and no people have answers for. Such as how do they know when people are not at home? Would it be random police visits, or tracking apps?

    I’m a deep sleeper and the doorbell might ring and I won’t wake up. Only the phone next to my bed wakes me up. So, maybe they phone the person before ringing their doorbell? But what happens if the phone is recharging its battery in another room? Does police assume you are not home? Same applies if you are in the shower.

    Also, what about food? Many people live alone, are on a budget, and are in the habit of searching out produce, meat and fish that are not-advertised of the clearance type such due dates and 50% reduction because of damaged packaging. I do this often, an item listed at $10, on sale 30% and then further reduced 50% for damaged package. I buy them and freeze them. I also like to touch what I buy, examine it re ripeness.

    What happens when a single person forgets to order something simple such as toothpaste. Will a store deliver a tube of toothpaste?

    And that feeling of knowing you are being watched.

    Everything related to a forced isolation is outright draconian, especially if you live alone. In the very least, the government should provide someone to accompany you while you do your in-person shopping. Have them dress you up in a hazmat suit, if need be.

    But worse, they kidnap you and whisk you away in an eye-blink. Do they put you in an isolation cell, all alone between four walls, like in jail? Nobody knows. We all recall what China did to its uncooperative citizens. The single-cell buildings that went up within one week to house them.

    All that and there is no assurance the person might be the victim of false positives. It’s outright citizen persecution. And if the strategy is to spread terror in order to force people into submission, it might work.

    FINALLY, I read yesterday a police warning that they are following all those who are making threats toward a certain government official. A lot of anger in the air.

  2. He had a smirk on his face answering these questions! He looked so pleased with his responses to their questions.

    I can’t believe this is happening to people in a (formerly) free country. It is chilling.

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