Talk of communist insurgency and motivations is now main stream: Links 1, September 2. 2020

1. Once upon a time, last night in fact, in Seattle…

(How is what we see above not a military problem, as opposed to a law and order one?)

2. “This is what happens when you elect a commie who can’t do math”. Great quote from the video below. But those of us who read communist theory know that ‘math is racist’. So no commies can do math.

3. France Has Foiled at Least Six Terror Attacks in Recent Months

Jean-François Ricard, who heads the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat) has said French security services have foiled at least six terror plots in recent months.

Ricard spoke to French media on Monday, stating that the terrorist threat, particularly from radical Islamic extremists, remains high in France. He said that several French members of Islamic State remain free in Syria or have crossed the border into Turkey.

He added that some French former members of the terror group have returned to France and “set up new structures”. He also warned that there was a threat from mentally unstable individuals who may be influenced by radical Islamic rhetoric and ideology, L’Opinion reports.

Currently, there are believed to be around 250 Islamic radical French men and women in custody along the Iraqi-Syrian border area and around 300 children. At least 170 adults have returned to France, and Mr Ricard said all were being tried or had been tried by French courts.

4. Salon owner speaks to Nanci Pelosi’s refusal to play along with her own medical/political theatre

5. Survivors of the muslim attack on Charlie Hebdo wonder why it took 5 years for the trial to start. We wonder why the poster does not show any of the cartoons, suggesting that the terrorists won.

Thank you Hellequine GB., M., ML., EB., Richard, Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, EB., and all who sent in materials and are paying attention at all.

The Covid rules are getting more and more strict, even as the CDC admits that their numbers are not as damning as we were all told by a very large margin. People in apartment buildings may face eviction if they don’t wear a mask as they pass through the halls and lobby of the building. As things are getting better in terms of this disease, and it seems like they were never close to as bad as we were told it would be, the rules and consequences of failure to obey get worse and worse.

On a related subject, talking with a friend of ours about South Africa, that nation now has electricity rationing. For several hours a day there is no power. If a person had the wit and wisdom to install solar panels in one of the countries where there is enough sun to justify that, they are forced to sell the power at a pittance to the State and then buy it back at an enormous margin. So in other words, you still don’t get to use your own power.

I cannot think of a better description for how communism works. Its a system for suffering and any work around to that system will be punished.

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6 Replies to “Talk of communist insurgency and motivations is now main stream: Links 1, September 2. 2020”

  1. 2 – I don’t see any of the Dem controlled big cities returning to what they were for many decades. The Dems have chased out all of the middle class who can afford to move, this is damage that will take intelligent management and people who understand economics setting the taxes and regulations.

    • It seems to be a simple military proposition. Democrats advocate the breakdown of law and order,their insurgents are deeply embedded in the public sector,including the police. Ergo,the military must be used to it’s fullest capacity to uphold law and order.

      • That is the solution they are hoping for, but they are hoping that it will be a Dem in the White House when it gets that bad. That way they can use the threat of the military to change the constitution by executive order to allow the President to do what he wants and to serve for the rest of his life.

  2. 1. Once upon a time, last night in fact, in Seattle…
    Happening now: #Antifa black bloc militants surround the @SeattlePD East Precinct (in the heart of former CHAZ) & throw incendiary devices at the building. They recently barricaded the door with quick drying cement & set building on fire. #SeattleRiots
    — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) September 2, 2020

    How is this not attempted murder??

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