Australia: Please note the lack of masks on the officers in the last video


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6 Replies to “Australia: Please note the lack of masks on the officers in the last video”

    • I don’t buy it. The officer has a warrant from a judge and is polite. The woman and her husband could have been phoning her doctors office to reschedule the ultrasound; getting PPE (at least gloves); and contacting an attorney instead of exposing their family to this.
      You pointed out last month that videos are a Hollywood-ish way to evoke emotions by engineering reality to one viewpoint.
      This is pathetic comedy, not tryanny.
      I want to know who signed the warrant; if the woman spoke with her health care provider about her state of emotion and infection risk during pregnancy; and why the judge singled out this FB post above all others. How will her attorney assure bail and dropping oc charges? Otherwise, the video is drama.

      • Interesting…
        I’ve seen better setups.
        Like the woman in the parking lot pushing her tiny son to defend his MAGA cap against adult BLM-Dem thugs. She was crafting a video. It went viral, of course.

        Victoria province of Australia seems to have gone crazy, though. Like NZ. Statism gone viral.

      • The last one is definitely crude drama.
        Woman in cardboard costume, using child as prop?shield? With her friend deliberately raising the heat, creating another viral vid.


  1. They say she has incited.. but what? Going to a protest? Not wearing masks?
    The police can’t even see their own Orwellian nature.

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