Serious allegations: Woman allegedly died after police action in Berlin

We were alerted to this story which is causing serious concern in Germany, by Oz-Rita this morning. Below, Miss Piggy translated an article about the event, but videos are in the works. Please stand by for those, although a video of the arrest will be included here:

Translation by Miss Piggy from this source:

31.8.2020 – 13:21, Alexander Schmalz

Circulating on the Internet, is a video which shows how police officers violently pin down a woman. It is claimed that the demonstrator died shortly afterwards. The police say they are unaware of a woman dying.

Berlin – A woman lies screaming on the asphalt while four policemen handcuff her. One of the officers strikes her back twice with his fist. Witnesses filmed the scene on the fringes of the Anti-Corona [measures] demonstrations on the weekend. The violent arrest is currently being virally shared on social networks. It is also being claimed that the woman was so severely injured during the arrest that she died shortly afterwards. Police Commissioner Barbara Slowik told the Home Affairs Committee on Monday that she was not aware that anyone had died in connection with the weekend demonstrations.

The video filmed by a witness, is about 25 seconds long, and is said to have been distributed first by the telegram group “Info Kanal Berlin”. It was then published on Facebook, where it has already been shared several thousand times. The text to the video reads: “This woman later died of internal injuries of the carotid artery while being driven to the police station”.
At the request of this newspaper, the police confirmed on Monday that they are aware of this video. According to the current state of knowledge, it is considered authentic. There is a second witness video that shows a different perspective. So far, the police have no knowledge that a demonstrator has died.

The exact procedure and the harsh actions of the officers are currently being investigated, it was said. It must be clarified exactly whether there was any resistance against the enforcement officers. In addition, the police officers concerned are to be questioned about the harshness of their actions. The investigations are continuing.

(The MSM is claiming she was slightly injured and released. The Police are planning a media release on this today)


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  1. This is another victim of Merkel regime!!, this whole bloody Bundestag schould be a burn all together with this gestapo on the streets!!, how many more evidence this Germans have to have to see that this disgusting government betrayed them , WAKE UP !!, vote AFD, maybe is a chance to save this country, but I doubt it , 2015 .. flowers and Teddy bears in the Munich train station to welcome Merkel “ refugees “ are you wake up yet !!!

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