More shooting at Trump supporters in the US: Links 1, August 31, 2020

1. Los Angeles: SWAT locks down street after caravan for Trump is shot at

(Thanks largely to Obama, the United States is no longer a place where every 4 to 8 years, power is transferred peacefully according to the will of the people. Its now more like a 3rd world country which considers it less of a problem to kill political opponents rather than be better than they are)

2. It is so important that President Trump acknowledged and supported this man who was assassinated by communist revolutionaries in Portland last night.

3. A good thread on the new CDC data which suggests that none of us should ever trust political authority on anything medical, ever again.

4. Is there a single person who learned that a male rapist could be sent to a woman’s prison by claiming he identified as a woman and that this wouldn’t happen?

If animals could talk, would there be a single fox that would not identify as a chicken?

5. Nigerians attack staff at Rome Covid-19 treatment centre

Three Nigerian migrants attacked staff in a military hospital in Rome after testing positive for the new coronavirus,the defence ministry said on Saturday.
The incident at the Celio military hospital, now turned into a Covid-19 treatment centre, occurred when they saw a Bangladeshi migrant walking out after testing negative and then tried to flee but were stopped.
They are accused of violence, resistance and causing bodily harm.
“The attacks at the military hospital are serious and unacceptable,” Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini said.
The incident was seized upon by Italy’s anti-immigration former interior minister Matteo Salvini who said the government was putting “Italy in danger”.
Migration has for years been a hot-button political issue in Italy, a main EU landing point for people crossing the Mediterranean and arriving in Sicily and sister island Lampedusa.
(I wonder of Nigerians will start to test mysteriously negative all of a sudden)

6. In a way its kind of refreshing to see how fundamentally different the left and right parties have become. Growing up, both the Democrats and the Republicans seemed to want the best for the US and its people but differed on how. Now its practically a war between heaven and hell.

7. COVID-19 can waft through toilets into other apartments, study finds

(What kind of a mask are we all gonna have to wear for this now I wonder)

Scientists now say that the coronavirus may be able to spread throughout buildings, via toilets and drain pipes — an especially alarming prospect for apartment dwellers with suspect plumbing.

The discovery was made in China, after researchers swabbed the “long vacant” apartment directly below a family of five who tested positive for COVID-19. Despite the fact that no one was living in the apartment below, the researchers found traces of the virus on the sink, faucet and shower handle.

This suggested the virus particles potentially wafted from the infected family down the pipes into the vacant apartment, according to the researchers at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which published their findings this month in the journal Environment International.

8. Maybe its a good thing that they made all that room in the prisons after all. With a little elbow grease, once President Trump is re elected he can fill them with these scum.

9. Google Insider: Bombshell Book ‘Deleted’ Will ‘Shake the Foundations of Silicon Valley’

An upcoming book from Breitbart News investigative reporter Allum Bokhari is set to “shake the foundations of Silicon Valley,” according to a Big Tech source who has worked at numerous tech giants including Google.

“When voters find out what big tech companies have done to meddle in the coming election, they’ll be rightly furious” said the source, who worked on key Google products for several years.

“The level of covert manipulation is breathtaking. Every American who’s worried about the future of free and fair elections should read this book.”

The book’s author, Allum Bokhari, has worked as a tech reporter at Breitbart News since 2015. He has helped whistleblowers within Google, Facebook, and YouTube release damning leaks exposing Big Tech’s political bias.

There are a few large scale stories being worked on in the background. One is about German police who appear to have killed a woman during the protests, I think in Berlin the other day. We have video and witness accounts. But this story has giant implications and consequences and evidence of this crime is already being deleted from various sites in Germany. So it will take a little time to bring it to you but we will.

Also, Cino-Indian tensions are up. Normally, India and Pakistan threatening nuclear war with each other is a biannual event and newsworthy if there is nothing else good on TV. But in the Reader’s comments today, you will find a number of videos that make the Chinese-Indian LoC issue more serious than the usual political military theatre we are used to from India. We will make a post shortly with just these videos and see if we can get Brad to comment on this later today.

Thank you Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Oz-Rita, Miss Piggy and MANY more who have kept the wheels spinning overnight.

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  1. I was hoping you would get something from Brad on what is happening between China and India.

    Equally troubling is the Zooming in With Simone Gao who is interviewing a Chinese Hydrologist about the Three Gorges Dam and his saying that they Chinese Military are now saying they can take Taiwan in one day. They were talking about the US bombing the dam but ignoring the fact that Japan and probably Taiwan have Cruise Missiles that can hit the dam. The man being interviewed says that a large number of the Chinese Reserve troops and equipment are down stream from the dam making it a tempting target in any military conflict.

    • The Indian Propaganda outfit “The Frustrated Indian” hasn’t posted a single video about the new stand off. I find this lack of action from a you tube channel that is normally posting videos about China every few minutes very interesting. Are they holding off until they get more info or are the people who run that channel worried about making the problem worse?

  2. COVID can waft through toilets, what about telephone line, should I answer my phone? Lol What next should I FEAR? COVIDophobia.

    • The info is valid for a different disease.

      SARS – Covid-1 – 2003 – MUCH more lethal
      – DID spread through the ventilation system in apt building bathrooms. Breathing in aerosolized water could do you in. People in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan learned to close the lid before flushing.

      which is polite and civilized anyway…

      That mode of transmission was first observed in Legionnaires’ disease, 1976. Contaminated aerosols can spread quickly on cruise ships, through air conditioning, hot tubs, etc.
      I was prepared to seal off my vents in early March, after comparing notes with my friend in Japan. We figured it was a replay of SARS.

      (By then I had my toilet paper stash.)

    • China is trying to make Nepal one of the pearls on the string of pearls that they are trying to build around India so they (the Chinese) can control what resources India can receive from foreign trade partners.

      Besides eliminating the largest military competitor in t\he region it would also eliminate India as a location where they companies can move their factories to.

      This would also cut Vietnam off from any aid from India when the Chinese Navy starts throwing its weight around in the islands off Nam.

    • After Britain gave India their independence the treaty between India, Britain and Nepal Britain was allowed to keep 2 regiments of Gorkha troops with the other 6 remaining in the Indian Army. The Indian Army uses the same system the Brits do so each Regiment are composed of a varying number of Battalions right now there are 39 Battalions in the 6 Gorkha regiments. These regiments are known for the flat brimmed hat they were (one of the Indian Generals interviewed is often wearing one of these hats and the Kukri knife the carry

      When Britain was colonizing India Nepal was the only region to defeat the British Army, this impressed the Brits so much they recruited Gorkha regiments to the East India Company Army that later became the British Army India. During WWII the BAI under the command of Field Marshal Slim fought the Japanese to a stand still in Burma and the after the rainy season was over started the long fight back through Burma. In the opinion Slim (he started his service in a Gorkha regiment) was the best of the WWII British Generals.

  3. 2. It is so important that President Trump acknowledged and supported this man who was assassinated by communist revolutionaries in Portland last night.

    From what I saw of the video it looked as if the shot came from the white pickup truck traveling right to left. Also, I couldn’t make it out but there appeared to be writing on the side of the truck so if they can get that sorted out it should be pretty easy to find the guy…

    Um… wouldn’t this amount to domestic terrorism? Isn’t the shooter saying to all Americans “vote Democrat or we will murder you”? In my mind no sane government would ever encourage either “Black Lives Matter” or “Antifa”. They are both dangerous extremist ideologies and need to be watched extremely carefully…

  4. India to Procure Two More Phalcon Airborne Warning and Control Systems from Israel

    The government of India is in the final stage of approving the acquisition of two Phalcon airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) for the Indian Air Force from Israel at a cost of around $1 billion, official sources said on Thursday.

    The Indian Air Force already has three Phalcon AWACS.

    The AWACS is mounted on Russian-origin Illyushin-76 transport aircraft and is capable of tracking enemy aircraft, hostile missiles, and movement of troops without crossing territorial limits.
    India gets most stuff from Russia, souping it up with Israeli voodoo whenever possible.

    • This push by China is probably a diversion like the last one was but they may end up pushing too far too fast and have a shooting war on their hands.

  5. Control of WATERSHEDS accounts for more wars than religion.
    Kurds are indigenous to the watersheds of the Tigris and Euphrates; Turkey can’t have Kurds controlling water to Anatolia.

    China’s holding of Tibet gives it control over the watershed of 18 RIVERS that flow down South and Southeast Asia.

    It’s hard to sort biased sources, but the water issue is very real, it’s a weapon of “unrestricted warfare”.
    To borrow a soulless ChiCom phrase.

    A new front opens in Asia’s water war

    China is using the re-engineering of cross-border riparian flows and denial of hydrological data to deepen its regional power
    India is behind in the water wars with China & Pakistan, it must get its act together

    Water is becoming the new oil. While China and Pakistan employ it as a tool against India, hydro-diplomacy has scarcely been a major instrument in New Delhi’s foreign policy.

    • 2016
      China’s desertification is causing trouble across Asia

      India and China in a Water War

      …New Delhi is growing increasingly frustrated over China’s refusal to share current river data despite bilateral agreements requiring Beijing to pass on the information for downstream flood control.

      The data from upper riparian China to lower riparian India is essential to allow anticipation of the flow of the water from the mighty Brahmaputra and the Sutlej, two major trans-border rivers that enter India directly from China.

      How India and China manage their shared water resources has profound implications for the entire region, not to mention for the economic and environmental stability of the world’s two most populous nations, which constitute a whopping 37 percent of global population. In a world characterized by rapidly shrinking natural resources, where water is a finite resource for growing numbers of people, it is a game the world will be watching.…

      • 2018 [good pix]
        Resource-hungry China is in overdrive as it wages water wars by stealth

        International pressure is needed to rein in Beijing’s dam-building frenzy and ensure it respects the environment and rights of downstream nations

        Just as the Persian Gulf states sit over immense reserves of oil and gas, China controls vast transnational water resources. By forcibly absorbing Asia’s “water tower”, the Tibetan Plateau, in 1951, it gained a throttlehold on the headwaters of Asia’s major river systems. Its actions in more recent years have sought to build water leverage over its downstream neighbours.

      • 2018
        Resource-hungry China is in overdrive as it wages water wars by stealth

        International pressure is needed to rein in Beijing’s dam-building frenzy and ensure it respects the environment and rights of downstream nations

        …Make no mistake: China, by building increasing control over cross-border water resources through hydroengineering structures, is dragging its riparian neighbours into high-stakes games of geopolitical poker over water-related issues. In waging water wars by stealth, China seeks to hew to the central principle enunciated by the ancient military theorist Sun Tzu – “all wars are based on deception”.
        International pressure needs to be mounted on Beijing to rein in its dam frenzy and respect environmental standards and the rights of downstream nations.

    • Geography, history:
      Water wars: Brahmaputra and Indo-China relations

      …The search for water resources in China and India has persistently been a source of tension between the two countries. Chinese efforts to divert the water resources of the Brahmaputra River away from India will worsen a situation that has remained tense since the 1962 Indo-China war. The melting glaciers in the Himalayas as a result of accelerating global climate change will have a dramatic effect on this river’s water supply.

      China is historically involved in river water sharing disputes with almost all its neighbours including Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.…

      • I could be wrong about the reason China is pushing so hard, if this turns into a shooting war over the water India is going to find a lot of allies who are upset with China for diverting so much water from the rivers. The environmental damage that the CCP has done to China and the surrounding nations will take a Century or better to repair if all of it can be repaired. As I keep saying the Civil Wars in North America are going to be bad but they are going to be the side show, the main fighting and dying is going to happen overseas.

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