Robert Kennedy Jr. in Berlin on August 28

Last night we posted a video of Robert F Kennedy Jr. speaking to the new tech and medical tyranny that is forming rapidly in our modern world.

Mr. Kennedy has a medical condition that makes his voice difficult to understand. But a timed translation file of sorts was available online and after a fair amount of work, we were able to use it to make this speech a little easier to understand.

It is imperfect but was good enough to use to make it a little easier to understand so here it is again:

Today in Berlin they are expecting the largest demonstration against the government imposed Wuhan Flu measures which has already started. We will post on that as it comes.

Demonstrations are also scheduled for Ottawa and many other cities today.

For anyone concerned about the unprecedented power grab by governments which is taking place across the world today, it might be an effective thing to find out if there is one in your city and attend. Wear a mask or don’t as you feel comfortable, but go and be counted.

The picture below is from just after 10:00 AM local time Berlin

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