Brad Johnson speaks to another anti-state component of the FBI

This is a little complex. But an important one for those who follow how government agencies have been subverted under Obama-Biden

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  1. It took a long time to clean up the police departments from the old crooked police who took bribes from the criminals and obeyed the illegal orders of the crooked local politicians that were bought by the criminals. I grew up during and just after the clean up of the police, the old books, movies and TV shows about the PIs that the people went to were based on the idea of untrustworthy corrupt police. Thanks to the left and their quest to impose communism on the entire world we have returned to the time when the police who are honest are being driven from the job and you don’t know who to trust.

    To clean up this mess we must restore the police to the position of trusted ally of the people and we must restore the educational system so they teach instead of indoctrinate.

    • But the police are in an impossible position now. If a woman decides to simply say no to everything the cop says when she gets pulled over for an illegal left turn, there is no non-brutal way that he can deal with that. He can’t just give up and drive away or he’ll be fired for malfeasance so he is forced to smash her windows and drag her out of the car by her hair, dumping her face-first on the concrete and maybe breaking her arm and bloodying her face while the cameras are clicking and and she’s screaming bloody murder and the video is being made in which he comes across looking like Adolf Hitler’s meaner brother as the crowd is growing and getting mouthy. Then the politicians dive for cover and throw the poor cop under the bus for nothing more than doing his job and all the blacks plus most of the whites side with the “poor innocent” woman who can now claim she was assaulted for an illegal left turn by a fascist white cop (even if he’s black).. And it works every time. The left are very clever…

      We’re going to have to get used to the idea that a cop can hit you if he has to and It’s not OK to scream insults in his face…

      • Yes but the honest cops are all leaving as soon as they can, way too many of the Mayors and Prosecutors won’t back them up when they are in the right. This is leaving the ones who want to beat on people and the ones who will take the bribes to let the crooks go. Add in the crooked politicians who are either taking money to let the criminals go or are using the criminals to try and seize more personal power. That is what I am talking about, think about what the world will be like if the Mayors of large cities have the ability to get organized crime gangs or worse their own police to spy on their political opponents or kill them if the politicians orders the hit.

        Think that is too far out, we are getting closer to that day all the time, the more the left lets their militias riot the closer we move to Third World Status. And when the law abiding citizens start going after the politicians and bureaucrats ordering this mess we will have a hard time moving out of the Third World. Like it or not Obama and company have transformed the US so far it isn’t into the Marxist hell hole he wanted for us but we are headed in the direction of chaos and a return to personal vengeance because that is the only way to ensure justice.

        This is the future that Brad Johnson and others are seeing and saying that we don’t want to bring that to the US.

    • That is a very good question, this adds a new dimension to the coming civil war.

      The weapons by themselves aren’t as big a problem as most people might think unless there is a large group of trained people to use the weapons and train others to use the weapons. We know that some of the antifa members went to help the Maoist Kurds and some of them survived to return home. I don’t know how well trained they are or if they would make good trainers.

      Vlad the next time you talk to Brad Johnson be sure and ask him what he has heard about the weapons mentioned in the article.

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