Item 12 and the last video make a lovely contrast. Also HCQ works: Links 1, August 28. 2020

1. Red Pill Germany explains that according to German communists, the right to peaceful assembly is fully intact because you are still allowed to demonstrate in favour of the state and its illegal regulations.

2. Two teenage boys are tortured, raped and then buried alive in a cemetery in Sweden before passer-by discovers and rescues them

Two teenage boys were allegedly tortured and raped before being buried alive in Sweden.

The boys were set upon allegedly by a 21-year-old and an 18-year-old at around 11pm on Saturday evening in Solna, Sweden.

The perpetrators offered to sell the boys drugs and when they refused, they were taken against their will into a cemetery, police say. 

There, the victims were subjected to torture-like assault and sustained cuts to their legs among other injuries. 

The boys were allegedly also raped, according to a report in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet

The two victims, whose exact ages are not known, were forced to take off their clothes before getting into a pit in the ground where they were buried alive, police allege. 

The alarm was sounded by a passer-by at 8.39am on Sunday morning, ten hours after the boys were first abducted. 

3. ANTIFA mug shots

4. About the 17 year old who shot armed communist insurgents attack people and burning down businesses…

New footage of Kenosha shootings during riot paints a different picture

(Read the whole thing at the link above. a SMALL sample is below)

As a man lunges towards him, Rittenhouse fires four shots, one hitting the man in the head. One video shows what looks to be a Molotov Cocktail being lobbed at Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse allegedly phoned the police after this.

One of the men who attacked the teen regrets not being able to kill him.

Notice the man who the teen shot was coming at him with a semi-concealed pistol

17-Year-Old Kyle Rittenhouse Shot ANTIFA Pedophile and Domestic Abuser Dead in Kenosha

17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse is being charged with first-degree murder and being called a racist domestic terrorist by Democrats for defending himself at a Black Lives Matter riot in Kenosha, Wisc. earlier this week.

However, the rap sheets of the supposed victims show that Rittenhouse was dealing with seasoned felons, not peace-loving protestors.

One man shot to death by Rittenhouse was 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum. Journalist Andy Ngo reports that Rosenbaum had a lengthy rap sheet that included a conviction for sexual acts with a minor before he met his maker.

5. One of the ways the left operates we have seen from direct observation, is they take a nobody but from the right identity group, say a communist who is ethnically Jewish for example, and they create a pile of fake awards that give the impression of accomplishments so that whenever he goes to speak publicly, usually to a leftist city hall like Ottawa etc. he appears to know what he is talking about and be an honourable person instead of the shill for Marxists that he really is, while using his Jewish or claimed Jewish ethnicity as a soapbox to stand on, even while pushing antisemitism in one form or another or working with antisemitic groups.

Sometimes the awards are real sort of, but they are likely rigged in some way at least, so that the most useful person will win it to the cause. This is likely an example. We could in theory prove this point by finding an anti-mask advocate and getting a social media campaign going to vote for that person to win. But I think we all know how that will work out.

6. UK: Police do the job of Extinction Rebellion for them

7. Could a heartburn drug treat coronavirus? Study claims patients taking Pepcid AC are more likely to survive COVID-19 – but critics have slammed trials of it as ‘a waste of time and money’

Coronavirus patients taking Pepcid AC are less likely to die of the infection, a new study claims. 

Famotidine, the active ingredient in the common heartburn drug has been the subject of considerable controversy in the US. 

The Trump administration offered up $21 million to a Northwell Health trial using famotidine to treat COVID-19, but the effort fizzle out because the New York hospital system ran out of hospitalized patients to test it in. 

Dr Rick Bright, the whistleblower and ousted Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) official, filed a complaint about the study, claiming the government contract was rushed and was based on thin science. 

The Northwell trial did return positive findings – but they were based on just 10 patients. 

Now, a Hartford Hospital in Connecticut has found that famotidine might help patients avoid mechanical ventilation and even improve the odds that they survive coronavirus in a larger observational study of 878 patients. 

(Weird how they ran out of patients during a massive pandemic that required the whole world to be shut down and under petty tyrant municipal controls)

8. Red Pill Germany explains that the Germans are doing what Canadians are doing. Inventing cases while hospitalizations are actually down to almost nothing, and using probably fake case numbers to justify more ultra-vires regulations.

9. Greece starts more training exercises amid Turkey tension

Greece and the United Arab Emirates have begun joint air force training exercises in the eastern Mediterranean, in the latest build-up of military forces in the region where Greece and Turkey are at odds over seabed mineral rights

ATHENS, Greece — Greece and the United Arab Emirates have begun joint air force training exercises in the eastern Mediterranean, in the latest build-up of military forces in the region where Greece and Turkey are at odds over seabed mineral rights.

The training flights started Friday, a day after the UAE completed the transfer of nine F-16 fighter jets and four transport planes to a Greek airbase on the island of Crete, the Greek Defense Ministry said.

In an escalating dispute, Greece and Turkey have led multiple military exercises in the area in recent weeks, with more to follow, after Turkey launched a survey mission in waters where Athens asserts jurisdiction.

10. Migrant Poster Boy of ‘Positive Integration’ Accused of Throwing Child Under Train Faces Court Verdict

Frankfurt am Main (AFP) — A verdict is expected Friday in the trial of an Eritrean man who fatally threw a boy under a train in Germany, with the suspect likely to be placed in psychiatric care.

Habte Araya, 41, stands accused of pushing the eight-year-old boy and his mother onto the tracks in an apparently random attack at Frankfurt’s main station in July 2019.

The mother was able to roll off the tracks to avoid the oncoming high-speed InterCity Express train, but the boy was killed instantly.

Araya, who had entered Germany from Switzerland days earlier, is also accused of trying to push a 78-year-old woman onto the tracks, though she managed to save herself.

The attack stunned Germany and stoked a heated debate on immigration and security.

A psychiatric expert who examined Araya told the district court in Frankfurt on Thursday that the suspect was experiencing an episode of paranoid schizophrenia at the time and continues to suffer from a “pathological mental disorder”.

11. Italian Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Works vs COVID-19

New research suggests that hydroxychloroquine works to reduce the risk of death by 30% in hospitalized patients. Confused? We don’t blame you

We have been caught in a drug war. This has nothing to do with cartels, turf battles or addictive chemicals. This is a war of words about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a really old malaria drug being repurposed to treat the coronavirus. When we first started writing about treatments for COVID-19 in March, we were intrigued by preliminary in vitro (test-tube) data.  It appeared to us that hydroxychloroquine works by interfering with viral replication. That was the first hint that this medication might be helpful against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Since our initial notification about the potential benefits of HCQ in vitro, there have been numerous human studies. Some showed hydroxychloroquine works to reduce mortality while others demonstrated no improvement. Most have been observational rather randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

12. Graduates of the Democrat party’s debate society

Thank you M., Hellequin GB., Wrath of Khan, ET., EB., Xanthippa,

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7 Replies to “Item 12 and the last video make a lovely contrast. Also HCQ works: Links 1, August 28. 2020”

  1. 4 – The shootings were clearly self defense but the prosecutor is going to take the attitude that by going to the riot armed he was planning to shoot and kill people. It is all up to a jury now and who knows how they are going to decide.

    Since the prosecutor hasn’t been doing anything against the rioters I wonder if the over charging is deliberate to let the kid off but give the left win militias another reason to riot?

    I find it interesting that some of the rioters chased him after the first shooting, members of the mobs don’t normally have that type of courage.

  2. Migrant-Background Men Accused of Raping and Torturing Underage Boys in Swedish Cemetery (breitbart, Aug 28, 2020)

    “Two men, allegedly of a migration-background have been accused of raping, robbing and brutally torturing two underage boys over a period of ten hours in a cemetery in the Swedish city of Solna…”

  3. BLM and their supporters are. All sociopaths
    Caught up in mass mob hysteria
    Ready to destroy
    Like the cults
    All ready to take the kool aide for the cause

    Sucking in more and more as their snake slithers through democrat cities

    If they were completely stopped and leaders arrested
    They would cease to spread like a cancer of psychopathology
    But the democrat mayors and governors refuse to stop the riots

    Thousands of businesses ruined

    Social insanity

  4. Hydroxychloroquine:

    When you consider that the entire course of the coronavirus disease is a month or less it seems obvious to me that there has been time for a whole lot of studies of every possible variety and billions of dollars in funding and millions of patients just sitting there begging to be used to facilitate such studies but for some reason Dr. Fauci and the anti-HQCers just keep saying there isn’t enough known and the risks outweigh the benefits – which don’t exist anyway… Huh?

    They’re pulling the wool over our eyes, folks. The studies should have been in by the end of April, for Pet’s sake. They’re dragging their feet waiting for another drug to appear that replaces HCQ at $1,000-a-pop rather than $20 and that gives no credit to Donald Trump. Those people are guilty of a murderous level of corruption. Like putting sub-standard concrete in a high-rise or the wrong type of steel in a bridge then putting the “savings” in your brother-in-law’s Swiss bank account…

  5. 2 – The Sweden story where two teen boys were raped, tortured, forced to dig their own grave, then stabbed in the legs before being buried alive without clothes on (naked).

    The suspects arrested: An IRANIAN and an ARAB. Only one media outlet dared to spell it out. I put the links in the Readers Comments.

    Note: Somehow, most of us knew a foreign culture was involved.

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