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2 Replies to “Brad Johnson: Turkey Vs. Greece and Israel and the new possible AXIS?”

  1. Interesting, I notice that he is thinking that Russia (Putin) will decide that it is in his/Russia’s best interest to ally with the West against Chin, Turkey and Iran. This fits with the way Putin has been positioning himself as “Protector of the Faith” and of Europe. This also fits with the “demonstration” of Naval Power that Putin showed with the maneuvers off the coast of Syria.

    The above situation is another reason we have to re-elect Donald Trump in November, if Biden is elected he and his puppet masters will give China and Iran a free hand to do what they want anywhere in the world.

    The comparison between the reasons Japan attacked the US in WWII and what is happening in Turkey and China right now is also very good. Japan needed the resources to expand, China needs the resources to expand and Turkey needs the resources to expand.

    Given Putin’s desire to rebuild the old Czarist Russian Empire it will be interesting to see how much of Eastern and possibly Western Europe remains free after the coming war.

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