Cause and effect: Don’t blame the one for the other. Links 1, August 27, 2020

1. Crime Skyrocketing As Portland Police Can No Longer Respond To Calls Amid Fatigue, Record Retirements, And Riot Resources

To the surprise of no one, Portland is seeing spikes in crime, including robberies and shootings, as the police bureau experiences a wave of officers bailing from the sinking ship in concert with the vast amount of resources required to respond to the nightly riots. They were already short staffed before the communist uprisings began in May. Quite frankly, the Portland police no longer have the resources and gender-non-specific-person power to respond to calls for help from the public.

The criminals know this and they are taking full advantage of the situation.

2. Youth in the Netherlands films himself lobbing rocks off a roof at police

3. An extremely important point for us all to understand is the difference between a thing and its consequences Vs. the policies or measures put in place as a reaction to that thing.
The following headline should be a klaxon in the heads of everyone with a smidgeon of reason:

More Than Half Of San Francisco Storefronts Closed Due To Pandemic

To be clear, not one single store, in all likelihood, was closed due to the Wuhan Flu. But all of them were in fact closed due to government measures used to combat that flu. The difference is 180 degrees. It is a self propelling tyranny. It invents and misattributes evidence for a policy in order to perpetuate that policy.


Government decides that using rocks on driveways and lawns are bad for windows. So they instruct all people to go out and find rocks on lawns, driveways or anywhere at all and throw them through people’s windows. Then the headlines claim that lawn-rocks claimed 230 million windows. So now we REALLY have to lock down and throw rocks at windows. CAUSE look how many windows got broken by rocks!

The pandemic didn’t close anything. It was the San Fran government, the California government, the Federal government (albeit reluctantly), the UN via the WHO and China who closed all those shops. All anger and response should be directed that way.

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — More than half of all storefronts in San Francisco are no longer in business due to COVID-19, according to the survey by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

“The survey showed only 46 percent of storefront businesses in San Francisco that were open at the beginning of the pandemic are still operating,” said Jay Cheng, spokesman of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

That means 1,200 stores are still open, while about 1,300 have closed, Cheng said.

“There’s a lot of reasons for that. If you’re a fitness studio, you can’t open because of the pandemic. If you’re a retail space, you could open, but you might have decided that there isn’t enough foot traffic or enough customer base to make that worthwhile to reopen. So it’s become a very difficult situation,” Cheng said.

Smell that? It is the stink of BS that can’t even fertilize a field.

4. Swiss Townsfolk Tell Authorities: Sort Out Migrant Crime or We Will

(They should really sort out the authorities who are forcing migrants on them. That would solve all their problems)

Locals in the Swiss town of Neuchâtel have offered an ultimatum to local authorities, saying they must deal with the growing problem with migrant crime or the residents will take matters into their own hands.

The ultimatum was spread across the Swiss town on dozens of posters that called on police to act against the problem of delinquency committed by mainly North African migrants.

“We are proud, organized and angry. We have the capacity to be dangerous for those who disturb social peace so much,” the poster said, according to a report from Swiss broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse.

So far, police say they have not been able to identify those behind the poster campaign but say that on at least two occasions there have been violent attacks on migrants causing trouble in the city.

5. As Stephen Coughlin explains, it is not “fake news”. it IS enemy propaganda. And they do not like being called out as the liars and agenda driven anti-state agents that they are.

CNN contributor doxxes journalism intern

CNN contributor and senior lecturer at Yale University Asha Rangappa doxxed Washington Free Beacon intern Alex Nester because she didn’t like the young woman’s take on Rangappa’s unkind comments on Nikki Haley.

Rangappa went so far as to share the recent graduate’s phone number and email in a tweet that she has since deleted. The story unfolded on Twitter.

It all began when Asha Rangappa falsely accused Nikki Haley of changing her name from “Nimrata” to “Nikki”—implying that Haley has tried to conform to America’s alleged racist norms. This allegation followed the former United Nations ambassador’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night.

Thank you C., M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Richard, and many more who are observing the changing architecture of freedom in the West, as it drifts from a county fair to a gulag.

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