Communist insurgents face lethal pushback. The time for LARPING is over

Here are some links and videos to what is said to be militiamen shooting back at attacking communist insurgents. Hopefully this will encourage authorities to reopen schools soon so students have something better to do.

There are many more at the link embedded at the top of this post. Also:

This appears to be the actual shooting of two communist insurgents masquerading under the false flag of concern over Black American history.

No doubt there will will be much more on this as the day progresses. But we can thank them all for one thing.

These students come communist insurgents are basically Trump voter mass production lines. We can all be deeply grateful for that. Even if the Democrats manage to get away with massive mail in cheating, the chances of President Trump winning a second term, and not just a win, but a mandate, are very high.

Meanwhile, Portland City Hall is smashed up by communist insurgents.

I don’t know what the Mayor and Council is hoping to be leader of after all this, but maybe they should listen to the words for Hurt.

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  1. The people who love freedom are starting to fight back and the rioters are discovering that other people can be violent. The leftist politicians have let the rioters dig a very deep hole for themselves, now the honest citizens are ready to bury the rioters in that hole.

  2. These students come communist insurgents are basically Trump voter mass production lines. We can all be deeply grateful for that. Even if the Democrats manage to get away with massive mail in cheating, the chances of President Trump winning a second term, and not just a win, but a mandate, are very high.

    You are right, it is almost impossible for the Dems to cast enough illegal votes for Biden to win, Trump is going to win in an electoral landslide and possibly a popular vote landslide.

    • For the sake of the world he’d better. I’m not a historian like you, Richard, but I can’t imagine another time in history when so many human beings depended on the success of a single man, whether they knew it or not.

      • The numbers are higher but the risk is the same as when Lincoln was running in 1864, back then it was an election to see if the Republic would stand or if it would split into many small nations. Now the risks are will the Republic survive or will the Communists take over, I don’t see the commies taking over but I do see a lot more people shooting rioters and possibly politicians who support the rioters.

        If Trump wins the left will go bananas become more violent with the Patriots resisting the left.

        If Biden wins the left will go bananas and try to seize control through massive violence. Once again the Patriots will resist, either way things are going to get nasty and the better armed and trained groups will end up winning.

        As to the crooked voting, thanks to the net and the alternative cable news networks most people have been exposed to what is happening i n the Dem run cities and are going to react to it the way the voters did in 68 to the Chicago Riots. Those riots sweep Richard Nixon into office and these are going to sweep Trump into a second term.

        In a lot of ways I think the Dems know that they can’t win in November but are stirring up trouble so they can continue their slow motion coup during the next 4 years. I personally think this is a loosing strategy but I don’t live in a liberal bubble where I only talk to people who believe as I do.

        The thing to watch for is what is going to happen around the world once the violence increases in the US. China will make one or more moves, they are already positioning personal and equipment in several locations where they will be available for a quick strike. Erdogan is positioning himself for an attempted take over of the Middle East and Putin is positioning his forces to resist Erdogan. Iran is trying to get ready for an opportunity to make a move but so far has been blocked by Drone Strikes and attacks by (probably) the Mossad. In Europe we are seeing Europeans in Belgium chase police out of a park when they tried to force masks and social distancing. In France we are seeing police tell the French to go vigilante.

        All of the above says that things are coming to a head and that a series of small wars will start, their combined effect will be WWIII and will force the Europeans to once again thing about defending themselves for all foes foreign and domestic. While this will put the final nails in the coffin of Western Civilization it is the only chance for freedom to survive.

        So far the US has survived every challenge at times we have been knocked down to our knees but we have always gotten back up stronger and more resolute. Given what I see here in the heartland/fly over country we will survive this challenge and become stronger. We will also do all we can to help our brother to the North and the two brothers in the Pacific.

        As always keep your musket clean, your powder dry, your bug out bag packed and your escape and evade routes (bug out routes) scouted and the paths from one to another scouted. Things are getting scary out here and no one knows where the next explosion will happen.

        • China will step up proliferation of nukes in the Mideast. Yellowcake production facilities are already established in Saudi.

          Give all sorts of cheap but nasty weapons to Iran’s proxies. It’ll send PLA soldiers to “guard infrastructure” in Syria and elsewhere. Maybe try for a base in the East Med, under cover of Maritime Silk Road. Stroke the filthy Turk into ever-greater extremes of megalomania.

          Get a hot war going between India and Pakistan. Paki martyrs, Hindu nazis. Flay “brutal” India in MB-China media, incite Congress to distance the US from Modi-the-Fascist.

          • They will be doing all of that and probably a lot more, I hope that Putin hasn’t been playing games when he presents himself as the protector of the Faith and of Europe. If Europe is to be saved from the Islamic Invaders we are going to have help from several nations, North America can’t do the job alone. Australia and New Zealand (if they remain free) will be tied up in the fight in the Far East.

            Yes China is going to start a shooting war between Pakistan and India and when India kicks Paki butt as they have done in all of the other wars it may turn nuclear. Or China may decide that enough of the Indian Army is tied up with Pakistan so they can move on one or more of their neighbors. The good news on that is that Japan is going to launch their first fleet carrier since WWII, another carrier group in that region will help. Especially since the changes in the Japanese Constitution letting them use military force beyond their own waters.

            I don’t know if you have heard about it but the Philippines has returned the Subic Bay Naval Base to the US and both US and Australian ships are now based there.

  3. Good God what do people expect, after years of universities hiring left loons (90+ %) Professors, all touting the Soros “Open Society” and shutting down any debate in the range of normal. Education City funded by Qatar to the tune of 400 million+ pumping money into US universities…………

    George Soros once said, “Next to my fantasies about being God, I also have very strong fantasies of being mad. In fact my Grandfather was actually paranoid. I have a lot of madness in my family. SO FAR I HAVE ESCAPED”.

  4. Sending these kids to school will keep the out of the streets? That maybe true but, these kids learned this lawlessness in school.

  5. Wisconsin Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Riots
    By Tristan Justice – August 25, 2020

    Twitter Link:

    SHOCKING: #BLM & Antifa rioters brutally assaulted a 70 year old man
    For trying to put out a fire in his mattress store
    He received a broken jaw, black eye, and multiple stitches
    The remains of the building he tried to save, now rubble, can be seen in the background #kenosha
    Elijah Riot – August 25, 2020

  6. Now some ‘protesters’ have been shot, the media suddenly gets interested in the deaths. I commented about this on the Daily Mail, and all other commentators were saying ‘It was self-defence’. I agree.

    • Yes it was self defense but the left doesn’t believe in self defense so they are going to put him and all self defense on trial so there can be more protests which will end with more people shot in self defense.

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