“Cultural Appropriation” another Marxist rhetorical weapon

The arguments against are too numerous to even list. But also listing them is falling into the trap of lending legitimacy to the entire concept of cultural appropriation. Itself just another dialectic scam to deconstruct our civilization and cause racial strife where there is none.

This is a good time to revisit this event from Ottawa U in November, 2015. A Yoga teacher who was giving FREE classes to people, with extra respect to Hindu culture by not making any spiritual claims herself, was fired. Fired from giving free classes, from Ottawa University. Her classes were also for the handicapped and others who enjoyed tremendous benefit from her classes.


‘There were some cultural sensitivity issues and people were offended,’ says instructor

A yoga instructor who says her free class at the University of Ottawa was cancelled because of concerns over cultural appropriation believes the student union’s issues are misplaced.

Jen Scharf said she’s been teaching a free yoga class for the university’s Centre for Students with Disabilities, which is run by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, for the last seven years.

Jen Scharf says she focuses on the physical benefits of yoga and doesn’t play up the spiritual side of it, which she says some instructors can be guilty of. (CBC)

When she checked back in with the centre in September, she said she was told by them the class wouldn’t be happening because some students and volunteers were uncomfortable with the “cultural issues” involved.

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13 Replies to ““Cultural Appropriation” another Marxist rhetorical weapon”

  1. A Black Muslim female is the aggressor. They must be polite with the aggressor failing which their business and staff might be attacked later on, in more ways than one. That’s the power they now feel they have. Scary.

  2. The entire concept of “cultural appropriation” is a testament to the sheer stupidity and sheep-like gullibility of a great many people who are constitutionally incapable of thinking critically and only look to others for their opinions. “Cultural appropriation” isn’t a bad thing, it’s just an ominous sounding name given to a perfectly normal activity that human beings do when they meet human beings from other tribes – they swap ideas and inventions and better ways of making arrow heads and cool ways to get stoned, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The fact that some people are so dumb that they believe the Marxists when they say, “cultural appropriation” is wrong would be funny if it wasn’t so terribly negative. All they’re trying to do is tear down the West as usual.

    Remember, the guiding principal of “critical theory” is to criticize everything endlessly and relentlessly. It doesn’t matter what, just tear the whole sucker down. Why do you suppose they are telling you that the breath you exhale is a deadly pollutant bent on the destruction of our sacred planet and that we’d all be better off if you died and took a couple of hundred Carbon-spewers along with you…?

  3. So,, I decide to have Taco Tuesdays..
    Lefty says
    Thats Cultural appropriation,,

    Lefty asks me if I wanna go to Taco Bell and have a Taco,,
    I say No, thanks,,
    Lefty says
    Why Not
    I say,, Im an American,, I eat steak and potatoes,, I dont Eat Mexican food,,
    Lefty says


    Cant fix stupid, not even with duct tape,,
    But it does muffle the sound,,

  4. I think the lady filming the video went to the shop for a specific purpose. It was not to “raise awareness”. It was not to shame. Nor was it to even intimidate. It was to publicly humiliate. That is why, I think, she went when there were customers. But more importantly, that is why I think she both recorded the incident AND uploaded it.

    Assuming that assessment is correct, what would be effective strategies to counter it in real-time?

    • In that particular case, the submission by all except one black customer, who she was ready for, was the worst thing they could have done. Frog marching her out and letting her call the police would have been the best strategy. Not submitting and NEVER buying into the rhetorical devices they are using is important.

      Not being controlled opposition in other words. Denying you are XY or Z is where you get screwed. Telling the questioner to F right off and get out works much better. There is no such thing as cultural appropriation, so trying to maneuver within that fictional space is a suicide pact.

  5. Thank you Johnnyu,,

    I think I overlooked the most obvious solution, one a free market type should never fail to see..

    she was told by them the class wouldn’t be happening because some students and volunteers were uncomfortable with the “cultural issues” involved.

    Hey! I’ve got an idea! How about, if YOU’RE “UnComFortable” with some aspect of the Free Yoga class,,,
    DON’T GO,, do not participate..
    Too bad the lefties didnt Love it,, they would have tried to make it mandatory then..

    Lefties hate it
    It must be banned
    Lefties Love it
    It must be Mandatory

    Anyone not in agreement is a NAZI!

    Remember, we are Fighting Fascism!
    Said the most racist, tyrannical, fascistic collection of morons ever assembled..

  6. When I was a teen one of my hangouts was the El Torro cafe, Spanish themed, but run by Greek Cypriots. What about the Mecca ballrooms, home of many a new romance? The appeal of the exotic is surely not exploitative but more likely to lead to exploration.

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