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4 Replies to “More enemy propagandists attempt to humiliate President Trump and it backfires. Again”

  1. Reporter: People claim you are secretly saving the world from pedophiles and cannibals. Is that something you would get behind?

    Trump: ‘Is that a good thing or a bad thing?’

    For the Far Left, that’s a very bad thing. For like in islam, when a person gives up their soul, there is an attraction to children to take theirs. The pedophile and the pederast, respectively. The Communist gets to control the child’s will. The muslim, dominates them. Both weak before the strong, and and so seek out to feel strong before the weakest.

    Reporter: Communists claim you are secretly saving the world from pedophiles and those that eventually eat themselves. Are these Americans you wish to you offend?

    Trump: Democrats? Yes.

  2. The egregious evil of these people is so awful, they can use its horror as evidence against it! In the same way, people refused to believe in Stalin’s show trials, the Holomodor or the Nazi holocaust – it was too evil for people to accept.

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