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One Reply to “Swedish no-go zones, so dangerous police need security escorts”

  1. If you look into history a bit you will see that the reason the New York Mafia didn’t go around murdering police officers was because of a little thing called a “lynching”. If they killed a cop they could count on being strung up from lamp posts and trees so they didn’t do it. If you killed a cop life would not be worth living for the bad guys. But now, in places like Sweden and beyond, the bad guys know that the people have lost their ferocity so they are free to kill cops and judges and prosecutors and judges. Hell, they can even kill Congressmen and mayors. It’ll be just like Mexico. Thousands of Swedes should descend on these “no-go zones” and let the people there know who’s who and what’s what. There’s no way their cops should be afraid to go home at night when it is the criminals who should be shaking in their boots not the Swedes…

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