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5 Replies to “Brad Johnson discusses the relationship between Russia and Belarus, and the US and Iran (over nukes)”

  1. Recent “malfunctions” in Iran’s nuclear manufacturing facilities have knocked the program back as much as two years.
    Hopefully China won’t juice it up again.

    • The Chinese are working to de-stabilize the world, the Iranian nuclear program is too good a tool for the Chinese to let it set and stagnate. The program threatens the worlds oil supply so we all have to pay attention to it, add in the way it threatens US allies and Russia.

  2. Back in the 70s I started hearing predictions that the US and Russia would ally to take China out of the equation. China seems to be working to ensure this will happen.

  3. If I were President given the current mess with China pushing as hard as they are I would bomb and destroy the Iranian nuclear program before switching my attention to China.

    • China has sold yellowcake manufacturing facilities to the Saudis. Possibly more stuff we don’t know about. And that’s not a stable country – not by a long shot.
      Just what we don’t need – a Mideast nuclear arms race. China’s nuclear diplomacy is devilish.

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