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6 Replies to “Brad Johnson speaks to the 200,000 FAKE IDs smuggled into the US by CHINA”

  1. If you think about it what choice does China have in the matter? If they just go along and do nothing the West, and especially the US, will prosper and have fun and look good and then the Chinese People will look to their own Communist dictatorship and say, “Why can’t we just have a normal government, like the United States or Switzerland or Canada? Why do we have to have all this Communist bullshit when we could just have a normal democratic country? Why?”

    To which the government can reply by showing videos of the Portland riots and the crowds of enraged blacks screaming, “Racism!” at the top of their lungs as they hunt for whites and the left-wing journalists going along with the bullshit like crazy, and the horrible feminists and the nutty professors and Nancy Pelosi and Kevin Traitornik on his knee and the list is endless, isn’t it…?

    Then the Chinese People breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Oh, how lucky we are to have a sensible government that keeps things under control unlike those poor Americans who are living in downtown “Democratic” Hell where criminals can burn buildings and get away with it. And the same principal applies to all the dictators from Kim Jung Un to the Ayatollahs to the Pakistanis and the Saudis and many others dating back to Joseph effing Stalin. There is no end to the possible participants in the anti-Western Axis. They have hated and felt threatened by and always shown-up-by the West since the days of Peter the Great and beyond; we ignore them at our peril. The fact is that we have always been their superiors and they hate us for that and believe in their hearts that it’s not fair and that they would be our superiors in a fair world ’cause they are essentially better than us…

    You’ve got to admit that using counterfeit money and Fentanyl sales to get the American mental patients to burn down their own cities is a stroke of genius. Furio would have called it, “A gooda one…”. It must be kinda fun being an agent and going around lavishly funding and encouraging the most insane radical anti-American NGOs and Super-PACs you can find and guiding them in the “right” direction. Just think of the damage that the Southern Poverty Law Center alone, with their big black list, has done to the country…? And how about that “Black Lives Matter”?

    • The West they see, through their Confucian-flavored commie prism, is no great shakes. When vacationing in the West, nice place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there.

      For racially superior Han Chinese, we’re big-nosed white-devils who all look alike. Blacks of assorted hues are subhuman, beasts of burden at best. Diversity is repellent.

      We’re soft, spoiled, and decadent. We have stuff because‚Ķ imperialism. They’ve been robbed by their inferiors for centuries, but they’re destined to triumph in the not-too-distant future. They love nice stuff, no Mao-pajama claptrap. If Xi can’t cut it, another leader will emerge from the Politburo.

      Ethnic Chinese dissidents in the West give us what they know we like: Victims of brutal totalitarianism yearning for freedom and democracy. Excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan, that’s so un-China it’s transparent propaganda.

  2. China is waking a sleeping giant that will be real pissed that it has had its sleep disturbed, things are going to get chaotic and very dangerous for a while for North America. Then we will settle our chaos and turn on those who caused the problem.

    • And it IS China, not just the PRC running the place.

      This isn’t Iran, where we reach out to the people over the Twisted-Raghead tyrants. There are pockets of resistence in China, like everywhere else, but we’re fooling ourselves if we don’t seek to understand the enemy.

      India gets it, so does Russia.
      They can be trading partners, even geostrategic allies, but they’ve got their eyes open.

      • That is one reason I keep posting the Indian Propaganda. They are watching China and know them better then we do, they know the dangers and as long as we are aware that the Propaganda is Propaganda we can learn a lot about the Indian mindset and about China.

        Your point about how the Chinese are thinking that they are the superior race that has been robbed is something we should all remember. Very few of the Chinese people want to become members of the “democratic” world, they want world domination. I don’t think they will every achieve their goal but they will work towards that goal no matter who is in charge.

        • The Indians enjoy the propaganda because it hits all the right notes. The essence is real, even if Bollywood-ed. China’s the monster who enables the current incarnation of Babur; they’re really one and the same.

          Russians are far darker, no matter transient political status. They’ve got the Mongol mark in their physiognomy. And no one knows better than Russian army vets, living and working with these “allies”.

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