Falun Gong protest the Chinese Communists in Ottawa Canada

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa is more and more often, the location for protests by groups who have mightly legitimate grievances with the Chinese Communist Party.
Please check out this interview with Falun Gong practitioners across from the Chinese Embassy compound in Ottawa, done earlier in July but just released today. Read the whole story at RAIR Foundation.

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7 Replies to “Falun Gong protest the Chinese Communists in Ottawa Canada”

  1. I don’t trust “Falun Gong” one little bit. Their fearless leader is a lying gas-bag who strikes me as another Jim Jones sure as shootin’, and he has the desire to hold political power if possible… There’s a reason the Government doesn’t like the Falun Gong…

    • Personally I would defend Jim Jones’ first amendment rights while I simultaneously warned everyone about cults and him specifically. Communism is a cult and a bigger more dangerous one than Falun Gong. Which I have a laundry list of reasons to dislike myself.

    • Material from Falun Gong sources that gets fed to Epoch Times and their related video channels is HIGHLY selective. It MUST be balanced by other sources from outside the country, like those from Japan, Singapore, So. Korea, and Taiwan.

      That’s hard to do, because Falun Gong vehicles pour disproportionate VOLUMES of content onto this and other conservative websites. That’s an echo chamber crafted to appeal to us.

      It doesn’t look like the CCP; it’s a different totalitarian ideology, one that happens to be obscure to us. Internal discipline is extremely tight.

      Let’s be careful.
      The enemy of my enemy is just that. [Richard™]
      A co-belligerent, perhaps.

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