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9 Replies to “Brad Johnson introduces the circa 1950s John Birch society (?) video on communist insurgency”

  1. By amazing coincidence, I just finished watching “An Overview of our World” by John F. McManus……..’An analysis of the Great Conspiracy and its effect on Contemporary History….’ A John Birch Society Video Presentation….1990………
    It unravels before us!

  2. We are watching to see what will happen, I don’t think the left is capable of winning an armed rebellion but they will try and will do a lot of damage to the US in their attempt.

  3. “…the tenuous line between protest and riot…”
    Charlottsville comes to mind, along with other seminal events that would not have been such had they not been manufactured.

  4. 4- And the kicker is that the Russians dumped communism for their Putanism, yet, the Russians will STILL use the U.S. as a hole to fu&k in out of geopolitical spite.

    We really have to get our act together.

    • Blame nuclear weapons for this mess, if they hadn’t been invented we would have fought the commies in conventional war in the 1960s and their evil would have become visible to everyone. Of course they were predicting a 1,000,000 allied causalities in the invasion of the Japanese home islands with guerilla war until the 1960s and the total destruction of the Japanese culture.

  5. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/facebook-bans-pro-trump-super-pac-from-advertising-on-its-platform

    How’s this for a 25″ naval shell coming through the front door of your house? Facebook is actually going to ban ads from a Republican Super-PAC leading right up to the 2020 election. Unbelievable! Definitely not legal… There’s no way they can allow Mark Zuckerberg to become the Decider of All Truth and Rightness…

    What I want to know is what is it going to take for the government to pull Facebook’s “Section 230 Protection” for failing to be a neutral service provider rather than a partisan entity, which is what they clearly are. I mean, banning pro-Trump ads? Get serious. How is anybody going to argue that that is not biased or an extreme example of election tampering? It’s clear that they never as much as “fact-check” Democrats. Shut them down immediately. They have stepped over the blazing red line…

  6. Ugh.
    It’s just exactly what family from Cuba tells me. Batista was bad, but for everything to collapse suddenly like a house of cards…
    It had to be planned, precisely like this…

    Cubans can smell commies like Holocaust survivors can smell Nazis.
    When De Blasio campaigned in Florida, people started throwing chairs at him. He had to be rushed out by security.

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