Some Andy Ngo updates on what is actually going on where the communist insurgency is still in full swing

1. Some of the tweets from Portland tonight. ANTIFA is firing lasers into the eyes of police, and launching incendiary projectiles with Lacrosse sticks

(No Korans though. I bet if rumours were started about ANTIFA burning Korans, we would suddenly discover how much truth matters to ANTIFA which rely on dishonesty as their prime weapon against realty. And suddenly it would be so wrong to hurt the feelings of [certain] religious people. On the other hand, if the rumour played out, the Islamic community might solve this little problem in Portland.)

Below, ANTIFA gets help from the oldest tactician, Hu flung Pu.

Every-time Laras Logan pops up it provides an opportunity to repost the clip of her saying that the entire media circus in the US is so bankrupt, that the only way you can get a Pulitzer prize is if you never say anything which is an actual threat to the powerful. We see more evidence of that every day now in Canada and the USA

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4 Replies to “Some Andy Ngo updates on what is actually going on where the communist insurgency is still in full swing”

  1. Here’s the way I’m beginning to see these acts borne of stupidity and shortsightedness: If a tree falls in the forest and no one can hear it, did it really fall or make a sound?

    Of course, the pro-communist media (read that Communist press) will spend it’s life’s blood in making a big whoop-de-do about these many trees falling. Meanwhile, rational folks see these tantrums for what they are: Sound and fury signifying nothing.

    But pity them for their latching on to so slim a thread on which to hang their purpose of being.

    Meanwhile, our thinking and rational citizenry look on in amazement that those so blessed with the material comforts of this world can so fire up their rage against this God who won’t do what they demand: to call forth destruction on EVERYTHING.

    What impotent, spoiled, foolish, and arrogant creatures are these juvenile delinquents — and doubly more so are their very knowing and sinister paymasters.

  2. C’est ni plus ni moins que la réalisation de Lénine! Lui a rêvé de COM-INTERN = l’union du Communisme de tout le monde.

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