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2 Replies to “Brad Johnson: China tries to buy 10 seconds of advanced missile warning from Belarus”

  1. Russia and China signed a deal last October for Russia to help China build a modern missile detection and tracking system. The Belarus story is BS. Johnson needs to get better sources. Try RT or Sputnik.

  2. “Slave State”?
    Belarus is Russia.
    History, language, culture – that’s national identity. Less distinct than, for example, Catalunya is from Spain.

    That’s what my neighbors from Belarus say. They came before the Soviet Union cracked up, but their family background was Russian long before there was a Soviet Union.

    At least as Russian as possible with I.D. stamped "Jew".

    Belarus, like Odessa, had a lot of Jews. Many assimilated, others emigrated when Prez Reagan made that possible. Odessa’s Jews were also Russian, not Ukrainian.

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