Three short clips explaining what communism is, and how it works. More relevant than ever now

In 2019, Ava Lon took on the herculean task of watching a long video by a Polish intellectual, I think an artist turned bell-ringer as he saw communism in ascendance in the West.

The video was an explanation of exactly who and what the tacticians of Marxism are and did. He left how we can see that around us, up to us.

This requires concentration. But each of the three clips are short, and very important.

Thanks again to Ava Lon for this massive and important effort. One which grows in importance by the day.

Hate Speech. A tactic of the Frankfurt School:

On homosexuality, artists, and the long march:

On how to stigmatize an entire culture:

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4 Replies to “Three short clips explaining what communism is, and how it works. More relevant than ever now”


    So here’s the “peer-reviewed”, “double-blind” hydroxychloroquine study from the Henry Ford Health System and it clearly states that the drug is both safe for heart patients and effective against the COVID-19 virus, and still the mainstream media, including FOX, is chanting that “There is no known cure for the coronavirus and we must wait for a vaccine or a drug that isn’t hydroxychloroquine.” This is bloody ridiculous. Here’s the double-blind study, for Christ’s sake. You can’t call this “anecdotal” anymore. The left is going to keep slandering the drug no matter how many studies come in or how many doctors swear by the stuff.

    And why does the Henry Ford study caution that HCQ should only be used in a hospital setting and only as a part of a test? What, are they going to wait until the virus sinks into the fog of history before they allow anybody to take the only drug that cures it? Ridiculous! And what’s more, the drug is intended to keep patients out of the hospital, not for people who are already there. Why can’t they get it right? I can, and I’m not even a doctor. Why do they always get at least one detail wrong? Are they effing stupid?

      • Oh, God! That just makes me want to explode! We’re not imagining things, Eeyore. Evil homicidal monsters really are conspiring to destroy the earth and cast us all into darkness and here’s the proof of it. Personally, and I’ve said this before, I think we are being feasted on by an axis of powers consisting of every dictatorship on earth from China to Turkmenistan to Cuba to North Korea, dedicated to making the West and our democracy look bad to keep their own people from wanting to emulate us and overthrow them. Same as the Cold War, basically, only slightly different players. What’s not a theory is that somebody is intent on seeing that Donald Trump loses the election in 2020 and they’re willing to kill literally thousands of people to do it. And let’s face it. If they admitted how wrong and duplicitous they have been about hydroxychloroquine at this point Trump probably would ride that onto victory and the Paris Accord would remain unsigned… That’s what it’s all about…

        They dream of a China-centric world in which a dictator can look forward to decades of safe revolution-free reigns with total freedom to oppress their people without pesky interference from The Beach Boys, Maralyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley. America is a terrible dangerous dark nightmare engulfed in flames and gunfire and rioting and unemployment and poverty and racism and homelessness and the KKK everywhere you look and you’re so lucky to live in Iran where it’s bloody well perfect and everyone is happy and safe… Whew…

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