Trump Tweets, Masks, HCQ and So long Charlie and thank you: Links 2, July 6, 2020

1. The media really is enemy propaganda. This is a very important fact. but its not reported anywhere

2. This is an interesting analysis. There could be some truth in it. But even if there is not. Even if all is as presented to us, then this is still valuable information in terms of tactics for subduing populations even if it isn’t happening now. And its hard to believe that in no part is this happening now.

3. China Issues New Threats Against Canada

With nearly the entire world turning against China, and with even previously pro-China governments in the UK turning against the CCP regime on multiple issues, China continues to escalate their threats against basically everyone.


China’s aggression has become so undeniable that even politicians like Justin Trudeau – who was so desperate to give in to China and sell Canada out – are being forced to push back.


With the Trudeau government having made some good decisions lately on China, including ending extradition deals with Hong Kong, ending exports of military equipment to the city, and Trudeau refusing to make ‘deal’ with China by releasing Meng Wanzhou in exchange for Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor.

And now, China is issuing further threats to Canada. […]

4. You have all probably seen this by now. But its worth seeing twice. (Language)

5. I think specifically it was called, “Highway robbery”. What was the penalty for Highwaymen back in the day, anyone know?

6. The centre of Politics in the UK has now moved very far left. National Socialist left. This person ran as MP for the ‘centrist’ Liberal party. Click through to Twitter for the rest of the thread.

7. CBC does piece discussing how a number of doctors disagree with the WHO as to how Covid is transmitted. But before anyone thinks its a break in policy, its asking the WHO to demand we all take more precautions and less personal freedoms and social activities.

8. Tucker identifies the high water mark for outrageousness in demands by the left.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, ML., ET., Babs, Yucki and all who contributed to our collective effort to preserve individual rights.

I am sorry to see you go Charlie Daniels

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  1. #4
    I am ever-cautious for false flags and fools. He exaggerates the numbers “100’s of 1000s”
    But he speaks with passion. He also speaks what many born in Africa atr thinking. They know the difference.
    @OscarBerrara on parler
    The guy from today’s viral vid, Philip Anderson, aka kingfreespeech on IG, FB, and
    , just uploaded a new vid! Exclusive!
    He addresses the viral video, and why he’s not on Twitter anymore.

  2. 5 – At one point in Britain it as hanging, in the late 1890s in the states it was 5 years in the pen, now probably nothing.

  3. 2 – It works but takes time, that is why the left is so upset over Trump opening the economy before the full regime of mind control. That is also why they are so in favor of gun control, they want us to be totally dependent on the government.

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