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14 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on why certain people hate President Trump, and why so much?”

  1. He is right, they hate him because he is trying to give control of the US back to the people instead of to a group of self proclaimed elite.

    • They hate us.
      – – As much as Iran hates us.
      – – As much as China hates us.
      – – Western Europe hates us because we saved them, repeatedly.
      – – Mexico, “You stole our land…”
      – – etc.

    • Nah.
      They hate him because he was born in Queens. But they really hate Bernie Sanders, who is from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Can you imagine? Sanders gets the nomination yanked away from him twice. As much as Trump appears hated, his party put up with him winning. Just between you and me, Mr Trump is probably a better carpenter than Sen Sanders ever was. To quote our previous president, “You didn’t build that!” I am not sure why that came to mind–all that carpenter stuff Sanders did or didn’t do in Vermont–not enough to qualify him for the ticket. As long as were talking metaphors of carpenters and builders, wasn’t the #1 in Jesus’s time also a carpenter? Maybe the hatred goes deeper.

  2. Howard Zinn is the cause and the left is the effect.

    “Santa Barbara School District: Where Marxism & Black Lives Matter — But Academics, Not So Much”
    By Clare M. Lopez – June 19, 2020

    “Howard Zinn, “Outed” As A Communist And A Liar”
    by Trevor Loudon/Cliff Kincaid – July 31, 2010

    • “Union to Teachers: Inject Race and Racism Into Every Subject and Every Conversation” by William F. Jasper – October 15, 2019


      Communist “Historian” Howard Zinn — in Thousands of Classrooms

      Adam Sanchez contributes an article to the Fall 2019 American Educator entitled “Teaching the Complex History of Abolition and the Civil War.” Abolition and the Civil War are indeed complex subjects, but there is little reason to hope that Sanchez will handle the topic in a reasonable, fairhanded manner devoid of left-wing dogma and anti-American propaganda. Why do we say that? Among other things, Sanchez, a high-school history teacher in Philadelphia, is an acolyte of communist historian Howard Zinn, and he quotes Zinn extensively in his article. Moreover, he is an activist at the Zinn Education Project, a collective of Marxist educators/propagandists that popularizes Zinn’s pro-communist screed A People’s History of the United States. According to Sanchez, he and his comrades at the Zinn Education Project “have prepared the 10 lessons and materials in a new resource for educators, Teaching a People’s History of Abolition and the Civil War from which this article is excerpted.”

      A word about the late Professor Zinn is in order here, since many readers will be unacquainted with his “illustrious” career and the disturbing significance of his prominent promotion in a major education publication. Like Alger Hiss, the Soviet spy and top-level agent-of-influence for mass-murder Joseph Stalin, Dr. Zinn adamantly, publicly denied being a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). But, like Hiss and hundreds of other prominent communists, he was lying. Unfortunately for the Zinnophiles, their lying hero was exposed with the 2010 release of his FBI file in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Accuracy in Academia’s Cliff Kinkaid. The entire 423-page file is available here (Part 1) and here (Parts 2 and 3).

      In his massive study of the pro-communist Hollywood celebrities, intellectuals, politicians, and journalists during the Vietnam War period, Dr. Roger Canfield gives considerable coverage to the treasonous activities of Professor Zinn. Like Jane Fonda, Bill Ayers, Tom Hayden, David Dellinger, and others, Zinn was not as much “anti-war” as he was “anti-American.” These “peaceniks” were actually agents for the Hanoi Lobby, working closely with the communist regimes in Soviet Russia, China, and North Vietnam.

      In his extensively documented book Comrades in Arms: How the Ameri-Cong Won the Vietnam War Against the Common Enemy — America, Dr. Canfield mines the FBI files on Zinn, as well as vast archives of leftist and communist literature. Zinn was no mere liberal dupe, as were many of the other radical gadflies that traipsed off to Hanoi, Beijing, Moscow, Budapest, Havana, and other enemy capitols during the Vietnam War. Zinn was a ardent, hardened, enemy agent who did vast damage to America. And his legions of devotees in schools and colleges across our nation continue his toxic legacy. Zinn taught his Marxist-Leninist version of history at Boston University for a quarter of a century while also slavishly serving mass-murdering communist dictators.

      Howard Zinn not only traveled about the United States, Europe, and Asia denouncing the United States, praising the communist Vietcong, and stirring up campus turmoil, he actually went to Hanoi to provide treasonous aid to the enemy during wartime. For one of his most perfidious actions, he was selected by Hanoi, along with Father Daniel Berrigan, the radical Catholic priest, to perform special propaganda service concerning America’s POWs.

      Dr. Canfield writes:

      On February 16, 1968 Berrigan and Zinn met [communist North Vietnam’s] Premier Pham Van Dong at his French villa and garden behind armored doors. Berrigan saw in the “face of this man…of whom complexity dwells … life and death … great intelligence, and yet also great reserves of compassion.” (Seven years later Dong’s mother saw no such compassion and fled her son’s invasion.)

      According to Berrigan’s notes, Dong said, in part, “Your visit is of some importance…. We ask … that you clarify the meaning of war for your fellow Americans.” Dong said, “public opinion in your country is of the essence.” Further “we have a common front. We are in combat here, and you there.” Comrades in arms, they were on the same side.

      The premier made clear that the war in Vietnam and in the United States were one and the same. “We must continue to coordinate our efforts…. We will be in touch with representatives of your movement … (in) future meetings … here or in another place, such as Bratislava [in then-communist Czechoslovakia].”

      Additional articles in the Fall 2019 American Educator include “Developing Inclusive Youth How to Reduce Social Exclusion and Foster Equality and Equity in Childhood,” by Professor Melanie Killen; “Race to Improve Teacher Education Building Awareness for Instructional Practice,” by Professor H. Richard Milner IV; “Engaging in Meaningful Conversations: The Need to Foster Ethnic-Racial Identity in School,” by Professors Deborah Rivas-Drake and Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor; “Responding to Anti-Muslim Bias a Q&A with Debbie Almontaser”; “AFT Resolution Opposition to Anti-Muslim Bigotry, Discrimination, and Violence”; “School Integration: How It Can Promote Social Cohesion and Combat Racism,” by Richard D. Kahlenberg, Halley Potter, and Kimberly Quick, all senior activists at the Century Foundation; “Demystifying the ‘Safe Space’: How to Lead Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom,” by Matthew R. Kay.

      Unfortunately, the woke ideology that saturates this issue of American Educator is standard fare for the journal. The AFT, like its competitor, the National Education Association, never misses an opportunity to steep its members in political correctness and to turn our nation’s classrooms into ever more radical indoctrination chambers. Which is a major reason why, if we intend to save our children from the statist brainwashers, we must “Get Them Out (of Public Schools)!”, as Professor Duke Pesta and Alex Newman recently explained, in our special report Rescuing Our Children.

  3. They hate him because NONE of them can control him and force him into their pocket as he is mostly self made and owes NO favours to the globalist corruptors with their hordes of lobbyists or the professional politicians who constipate and eventually destroy true democracy everywhere in the west via their avarice, their cronyism and their nepotism. Professional politicians are the bane of any democracy.

  4. A Natural Born American as POTUS.

    Whereas the last incumbent was not raised natural, and not born from two Americans

    *He’s a keeper.*

  5. A lot of this re-write, or destroy, history stuff reminds me of those time travel stories where someone travels back in time and kills his ancestor – thereby negating his own reality. So, the USA shouldn’t exist because it did not have a perfect start compared to modern standards? You have to start somewhere. You don’t win a race by looking back at the starting-blocks.

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