China is rumoured to have surrounded Taiwan with warships

Investment Watch Blog. No idea who they are though.

These is, as of the time I made this post very late last night, oddly little reporting on this. No idea if its true. This video seems legit though. But all the links in the search were sites I have never heard of. So lectorem emptor on this one.


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  1. We all know that now that they CCP has destroyed Hong Kong Taiwan is their next big goal, and making a move on Taiwan on the 4th of July is something the would do. having said that the fact that there are not reports from known sources makes me wonder if this isn’t a propaganda campaign by India or even China. make a series of false reports before they actually move, that way a lot of people will be inclined to dismiss the real report as more propaganda/

  2. I can’t find anything on this from the Singapore or Korean news organizations, the only reports I have found are on the Indian Newx channel.

  3. If my memory is good, this occurred in either May or early June.

    – “It’s a message that our patience has run out.”

    A bill sanctioning #China is heading to Trump’s desk. Analysts say it could strike a major blow to #Beijing.

    The bill will #sanction Chinese officials involved in #HongKong crackdown, as well as banks that do business with them. –

    ALSO this from end of June:

    – Taiwan has thanked a group of U.S. lawmakers for calling for the island’s inclusion in the world’s largest multinational naval war games, from which China has been excluded over geopolitical tensions with the United States.

    The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry expressed gratitude Friday to members of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee for including an invite to Taiwan to join the biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercise in a proposed draft of the National Defense Authorization Act presented Tuesday, Taiwan News reported.

    The document called for deepening defenses ties with the island, such as “conducting practical training and military exercises with Taiwan, including, as appropriate, the Rim of the Pacific exercise, combined training at the National Training Center at Fort Erwin, and bilateral naval exercises and training.”


    – The Chinese Communist Party is readying two new aircraft carriers for deployment off the coast of Taiwan that could lead to a military confrontation with the US ships in the region, as the relationship between the two global powers has become strained by trade issues and the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report.

    The ships Liaoning and Shandong, part of the People’s Liberation Army navy, are conducting military readiness drills in the Yellow Sea but are expected to move into the South China Sea to Pratas Island for invasion mock battles, CCP-controlled Global Times reported.

    Noting Chinese President Xi Jinping’s assertions of territorial control over most of the waterway and lack of respect for the sovereignty of countries in the region, like Taiwan, the “risk of a military confrontation in the South China Sea involving the United States and China could rise significantly in the next eighteen months,” the Council on Foreign Relations said in a report issued last week. –

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