Black “no rainbow” militia marches in Seattle: Links 1, July 5, 2020

1. Yesterday’s militia march for power to dark coloured people seems like it was a real event.



“We don’t give a f**k about your rainbow”

2. Baltimore – Protesters Tear Down Christopher Columbus Statue, Throw It Into Harbor

3. Lawyer for couple who were defending their lives and home from a murderous mob, wait to be arrested

4. Putin amused by US Embassy decorations.

5. More riots declared in Portland overnight.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Mad W., Richard, Snaphanen.Dk., and everyone and anyone who contributed to this post and this site this weekend. 

I did see some kind of report that mentioned houses being set on fire with fireworks last night, somewhat adding credibility to the Q anon report we published last week. If more appears on that, we will post it.

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  1. 3.

    To say it in the Words of Thomas Sowell;
    “Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?”

    To answer Thomas Sowell, YES we have reached that Stage.

  2. It would seem Kanye West has announced his run for the presidency under a new party name: #2020 VISION.

    If true, it’s a splitter strategy to attract Black Democrat voters. We all know he won’t win but the Dems would be in terrible trouble.

    • Nah I didn’t vote for that crazy old white man I voted for Kanye. I can hear a lot of people saying this later on this year.

  3. Yes we are entering into a second civil war in the US, it will turn into an asymmetric civil war that will last longer then the first one and will bring all of the crazies out of their holes (Islamic Terrorists, La Raza, BLM and their associated groups, and probably a couple of groups I forgot to mention.

    Welcome to our collective nightmare

      • It started in the 60s as a proxy war with Russia, after the collapse of the USSR and the raise of the CCP they took up the slack in the funding that Soros and company hadn’t been able to manage. Now with the CCP about to collape it is morphing into a multi-sided civil war funded by George Soros and Company. China is in massive trouble and needs their remaining hard currency to buy food and possibly weapons to fight a kinetic war in the Far East.

        • Don’t underestimate the power Xi and the CCP still command. We see tiny slices of life through the eyes of dissidents. That distorts perspective.

          We can’t expect the “Mandate of Heaven” to fall with a mass uprising, as Epoch Times would have it. Not given the CCP’s absolute control and total surveillance, together with a culture of obedience to authority that’s tantamount to religion.

          China has always been totalitarian.
          Han Chinese hate us: we’re racially inferior. They believe we’re to blame for every hurt they’ve ever suffered. That’s baseline, before the Revolution.

          Today’s population is so saturated in propaganda, tourist visits to Paris or New York don’t diminish loyalty to the PRC. Nice places to visit, but full of Blacks and Moslems they find repellent. Crime-ridden hellholes. Just like they see on TV.

          • I am basing my statement on economics and the rough estimates of how much hard currency China has. Unless they are quietly selling off more fake gold they don’t have the cash to fund their internal problems and the war in the US.

            Yes Xi has power and influence but he needs cold hard cast to fund a revolution, not as much as most people think but given the internal problems more then he has to spare.

        • As far as chasing hard currency to feed their people, they own or control enough assets around the world, directly or indirectly, to buy food. Not what young people have grown accustomed to, but adequate.

          Even if economic collapse were imminent – which it is not – it wouldn’t diminish the threat this government poses to us. They hold aces too: like medications we can’t live without. Yet.

          They’ve suborned powerful interests here, probably with the generous help of George Soros, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, DiFi-ChiSpy, and the rest of the rotten cabal.

          Soros puts a face on the front. He does it well, but nation-states are perched on the shoulders of NGOs.

          • There is two flaws in your reasoning, 1) the majority of the Chinese assets have been frozen so that money can’t be used to buy food. 2) well over have (maybe as much as 2/3rds of the food producing nations are refusing to ship overseas because of poor production due to the lockdowns. Will they be able to buy enough food to feed everyone? I don’t know, I do know that even if they do a lot of people are going to go hungry and the odds are there will be starvation in many regions, possibly mass starvation in some regions.

            China isn’t an all powerful monolith, it has weaknesses and even if they import enough food to feed the CCP members and their families as well as the police and military families there are still a lot of desperate people who will cause problems.

            Will China fall? I don’t know I know their hold on the Mainland will be shaken and that their crackdown on Hong Kong has hurt their export business. Even after the flu is knocked down a lot of the importing nations want nothing to do with China. Any large sums of money spend on creating turmoil in the West is weakening China to a much greater extent then people are willing to admit. It is getting hard to make good estimates on China because events are changing overnight. Their actions with the flu say they were desperate enough to try and pull down the rest of the world using the virus. This says they have massive worries about their survival. Are they right? I don’t know but given the list of natural disasters that have hit China so far this year it sure sounds like we are getting help from above.

            • You’re right, of course.

              But it will take a while and see-saw for even longer. The West isn’t looking all that healthy from their perspective, either. And allied with the filthy Turk, Pakistan, and Iran, they can crank up the pressure considerably.

              Like they care about abused Uyghur's? Ha!

              (See weapons used in proxy wars. Libya, for example. Both sides of most of these conflicts use considerable junk made in China. Global MB funding is also available, massive resources not easily tracked. Soros is a pauper next to Qatar and MB, Inc.)

              Meanwhile, we have elections, short-term constraints. Our Congress is heavily compromised. The MB Memorandum, its ‘Project for North America’, is being realized. Look at candidate endorsements. Very bleak picture, there.

              While they clamp down, +/- distract their own people, THEY can destabilize US significantly. They’re at it here and now. We’ll get through it, but we’re taking a hit, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

              Now, who said that before…?

              Together with other dark forces, they are already causing us to “lose face” in other parts of the world. The Mideast bets on the Strong Horse, turns on a dime. We’ve had setbacks there recently, not all receiving attention here.

          • Another thing to put into your calculations is the way the reduced export food will have to be sold and shipped to many nations. Will there be enough to ship to all nations? If not who do you ship to? Friends, semi-friendly or enemies?

            • It’s timing. They figure they can wait us out.
              They’re getting help from experts in the information battlespace. Not just preying on the Left.

              Defeatist propaganda saturates many conservative-oriented websites. Drumbeat of woe, right-around-the-corner: the end of the U$D reserve currency, NATO is dead, the end of the global hegemon.

              Some of it is so obvious: let’s celebrate the impending advance of EURASIA.
              But it’s mostly more subtle, jumping on every bleak statistic or sensational morsel of trivia.

              A good share of truth in it all, which is why it’s effective. Uncle Vlad’s scent is all over it.

    • Interpretations of Justice, justice you shall pursue
      I like these rwo best:

      • With justice, you shall pursue justice. Even the pursuit of justice must employ only just means, and not falsehood.

      • Justice alone is not enough, because there are many types of justice, just as there are many kinds of truth. Every regime has its own justice. The Torah, therefore, stresses, “Justice justice you shall pursue…” [the ethic] of justice, where both the means and the end are just.

      • “On the Self Determination Struggle of Black People in the U.S.”
        TheBlackInternationalist – September 11, 2019

        TheBlackInternationalist – About

        I am a Black Marxist-Leninist-Maoist who does readings of Marxist texts and video essays! Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement!

        • “Black Belt Republic”. Cute.

          They came at Blacks from many directions, then. Afro radicals of the ’60s, that “Nation of Islam” jazz.
          (Not to mention Martin Luther King.)


    • 1- This is good. It shows us that the situation with blacks is not our binary impression–BLM vs. Conservative blacks. Nope. It shows us the nuance of demographics that says the Black Panthers are still alive, and they are supremacists. They put on this pitiful display of force, armed and intimidating, to scare a passive, non-militant populace. Now that they’ve raised their profile they’ve made themselves a target.

    • Can you imagine the kind of nation a bunch of guys like him would build? It would make Liberia and Haiti look like Swiss Cantons. That stupid raging animal would create a true hell-on-earth, wouldn’t he… Black Lives Matter has no up-side. It is an entirely evil entity like communism or Naziism. All bad. And it’s probably being created by our enemies as a weapon against democracy. Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabis, North Korea… Hell! There’s no end to the countries that could be kicking in funds to destabilize us and scream “Black Lives Matter!!!” in our faces as they burn down the city…

      • That’s exactly right. A blunt instrument deployed by master manipulators with lots of experience.

        When my Russki’s son saw the early BLM rioting on TV in Kiev, he called right away. Worried, it looked like Euromaidan.

        A rainbow of color revolutions, we’re getting the works.

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