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6 Replies to “Church Militant report on who exactly the BLM movement is, and what they really want”

  1. Also attending George Soros’s (aka the man who broke the Bank of England, aka Dr. Evil) three day “OMG Hill lost, we need a new strategy“
    event, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, was Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, Donald Sussman, Keith Ellison, John Kerry, many Union bosses and Democracy Alliance Donor Club members.

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends. Let’s work TOGETHER to oppose ALL forms of racism and defend friends and neighbours”. Martin Luther King.

  2. BLM is the semi acceptable political mouth piece of antifa, all of the left wing groups are tied together and generally much closer then most people realize.They are all leftists and the left are power hungry control freaks.

    • Black Lives Matter and Antifa are nothing but dirty filthy mud that they throw at America constantly in order to make it look as much like a violent rotten shit-hole as they possibly can. That’s why they always want to have a “conversation” about racism and poverty and homelessness and all the rest. If they ever stopped slagging the West their own people would want to be like us and would overthrow them in a heartbeat. Their very lives depend on making America look bad and it’s been like that for a hundred years…

  3. In 1945, as soon as the peace was signed, they fired all the lesbian plant-managers who had done such an excellent job of making war-supplies and told those lesbians to go find husbands and have babies. And boy, did those lesbian plant-managers ever get mad about that – mad enough that they’re still angry from sun-up to sunrise and mad enough that they must exact vengeance every day every year for the rest of Goddamn time.

    Like, why am I not surprised that Black Lives Matter is run by enormous fat black lesbian feminist bitches who hate everything and twice on Sunday. And what do you bet they’ve got a fairy godmother who gives them advice and money and moral support and what do you bet that fairy godmother wasn’t born in the USA?

    If I was the bad guys I would be delighted to help groups like BLM in any way I could because every one of them is full of America-hating traitors…

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