Evidence of communism in ascendance: Links 1, June 28, 2020

1. Far left, probably members of the DSA, city council members show their ambitions by juxtaposition

2. To no one’s surprise, Portland police are at war with communist insurgents trying to barricade and burn down ANOTHER police station in that over-woke city

3. All BLM actions are proof that its anti-free market, more than about race issues. But this one is more obvious than most.

I guess its worth saying more than once.

After they defund the police, who’s prime job it is to protect people’s personal safety and private property, they will abolish all private property. This is not me saying it. It is Black Lives Matters saying it through elected officials.

4. Pelosi’s insincerity shines like a star in this clip.But it will not change a single mind. People who will vote Democrat will do so for one reason. Viceral hatred of President Trump. It iwill not be because they think Democrats will do better for America. It will be to punish America by getting rid of someone who preserves it, and putting in a posse of corrupt, hate-mongers like this.

5. Hollywood Producer Steve Bing Died Of Blunt Force Trauma From Suicide, Coroner Rules

(How sad. A man who was able to give USD $10,000,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation, and another million to the DNC, had really good looking lovers and a son with one of them, was a successful Hollywood guy connected to everyone, would get killed by himself by pushing himself off a balcony cause he was lonely over the Covid shutdown. A guy who could call any number of hot celebs or fans or ambitious people who Im sure would wear any kind of mask he wanted to come visit him, anytime of night or day. And yet there you have it. A self inflicted victim of gravity. Sad.)

Hollywood producer Steve Bing’s death has been ruled a suicide, officials said this week. […]


In addition to his work in Hollywood, Steve Bing was also known for donating frequently to charitable causes and to Democratic politicians. Former President Bill Clinton mourned Bing’s passing on Twitter, describing him as someone who had a “big heart.”


“I loved Steve Bing very much,” Clinton’s tweet read. “He had a big heart, and he was willing to do anything he could for the people and causes he believed in. I will miss him and his enthusiasm more than I can say, and I hope he’s finally found peace.”

6. So what exactly happens when governments shut down all cultural and fun events for the short anxiously awaited summer festival season in Western/Northern nations? Why organized crime picks up the slack! And this is how it will be in every sector as the left advances its agenda of civilizational deconstruction.

7. L’Oreal to remove the word ‘whitening’ from its products

(Javex and Clorox must be having some pretty entertaining emergency meetings around about now)

Industry-leading French cosmetics company L’Oreal announced they will be removing words like “whitening” and “lightening” from their products after a number of beauty brands received backlash for their skin-lightening products amidst ongoing protests for racial equality.

8. Video of Jack Posobiec encountering neo-Nazis calling themselves “ANTIFA” in a DC park. This group of brownshirt thugs told Jack that he had to leave Washington DC altogether.

These commie fascist thugs have been emboldened by the submission of many politicians and corporations that have decided to accept thier reframing of reality rather than risk having their assets attacked by these communist thugs. Understandable in the economics of short term risk mitigation Vs. long term catastrophe I suppose.

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, PC., Xanthippa, MW., Richard, Yucki, EB., and all who sent in materials this weekend.

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7 Replies to “Evidence of communism in ascendance: Links 1, June 28, 2020”

  1. 2 – It will be interesting to see how long before the leftist militias bring their military weapons out of hiding.

  2. I fully expect to see some armed skirmishes before the summer is out. Right now, we’re still looking at the morale-building phase of the uprising. Let the morons run wild in the streets and build some real hatred toward the cops. Once that’s done, THEN the guns will come out.

  3. Funny how black shirted thugs like calling others Nazis while trying to intimidate them. They were lucky Posobiec didn’t use his Secret Service martial skills.

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