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6 Replies to “Tucker Carlson: Trump could lose in November, even though he called it all right years ago”

  1. I agree and I also fear it.

    Mostly, corrupt and vile MSM are our greatest enemy as they seem to cheer on the criminals.

    State governors and mayors are responsible for Law and Order but tragically, all those states are Democrat-ruled. Nancy Pelosi did say that Donald Trump would not be reelected in 2020. She said this with certainty.

    Mount Rushmore coming up. Let’s see how Trump handles it.
    Because now, we want to see Law and Order.

    Between now and then, statues were being downed by only a few people without opposition and this was the catalyst to the current and more upcoming chaos. From a few companies (Aunt Jemima) spreading to all companies, we are in deep shit.

    Trump was caught in a Catch-22. Damn if he did, and damn if he didn’t. And Democrat governors and mayors have refused military assistance.

    Military crackdown could lead to urban guerilla warfare during an election year. As I said, a Catch-22.

    Marxist dogma is to spread out the military as to weaken it.

    IMO: Do as France did during the Gilets Jaunes protests. Back then, I didn’t understand it was a Socialist protest, but I realized it with time. So, National Guard must be deployed everywhere and soon and brutally to ensure crackdown of the utmost severity and as soon as possible because people do forget brutality come election time.

    France: Macron came out a winner.

    • I forgot to mention there is an entire summer of this coming up.
      Come end of August, students of schools and colleges and universities will be back to their ‘education’.
      Is it possible chaos will subside? And that is Trump’s strategy?

  2. If Peace is what Tucker Carlson wants then he should vote for “Better Red Than Dead Biden.”

    Remember when…

    “Tucker Carlson: Trump Has Failed”
    by Rod Dreher – December 6, 2018

    “Who Got To Tucker Carlson? Murdoch’s Sons, ANTIFA Threat Or Both?”
    by Jim Clayton – December 8, 2018

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