Marine Le Pen’s niece really gets it: Links 1, Summer Solstice 2020

1. The BLM riots and protests are about destroying individualism and forcing communism on us all. Many people will not come to accept this fact until its far to late, and likely then, the natural human tendancy to defend one’s purchases will make them confabulate reasons why they were right to back the protestors anyway.

But reason would say that while BLM is busy taking down statues of historical figures, even ones who fought slavery, and erecting this one, it would be a solid data point that this is about implementing communism of the Lenin-Mao flavour.

2. ANTIFA started violent riots in Stuttgart last night. Enrichers joined in. Story in German

3. Marion Marechal, Marine Le Pen’s niece says BLM is about ritual humiliation

4. Chaos in CHAZ.

Perhaps more interestingly than the facts of the killing in CHAZ, is the police union spokesman kicked out of office for refusing to lie about racism.

5. Reading terror suspect who ‘killed three’ fled Libya seven years ago and was granted refugee status because he feared Islamists – before being jailed in UK and ‘converting to Christianity’

(Something very wrong with this whole story. Click through to read. Nothing in it worth posting really except he is a Libyan asylum seeker and claims he is Christian now.)

6. World War 3: Indian survivors give horrifying account of Chinese ‘death squads’

INDIAN survivors have reported Chinese “death squads” who hunted down and killed Indian soldiers in deadly border clashes earlier this week.


The two sides fought for eight hours in the Galwan Valley. According to the Sun, Indian soldiers have claimed the enemy was armed with spiked clubs, iron rods and batons wrapped in barbed wire. An Indian officer told News18: “Even unarmed men who fled into the hillsides were hunted down and killed.


The clash began after Indian forces led by Colonel Bikumalla Santosh Babu dismantled a Chinese position.

It is thought Chinese commanders agreed to leave, but fighting broke out as Indians entered.

Colonel Babu was killed in the fighting.


Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, the BJP MP for the area, has said: “We don’t want soldiers of our country lose lives repeatedly.

7. Stuttgart videos from last night:


(Video can be seen at Youtube)

We are working on videos now which should add clarity to last night’s events.

8. Gotta love the tellers of simple truths in times where we are all forced to lie with global consequences if we tell the truth as we see it.

9. Hellequin Gentleman Bastard brings is this quote from Julian Assange:

“The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen.
The internet is a threat to human civilization.”

– Julian Assange

Thank you Hellequin GB., Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, M., ML., EB., Richard, Sassy, Gates of Vienna, MissPiggy and all who remain in the fight and send in links.

The United Nations deleted their tweet supporting ANTIFA when they realized just how bad it made them look. It was indeed an authentic tweet verified by many people and had the white check from Twitter as well.

Here it is for those looking for it:

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  1. 8. Kung Flu

    “Kung Flu Fighting (Parody of ‘Kung Fu Fighting’)| Louder with Crowder”
    StevenCrowder – March 20, 2020

  2. 9. “The Gospel our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen.
    The Bible is a threat to human civilization.”

    – Citizens of Rome with their fists trapped in a Heavenly cookie jar.

  3. 4. “8,000 Captives in Seattle Some Raped & Beaten”
    The Still Report – June 20, 2020

    Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Good evening, This is horrible. I’m still reporting on 8,000 held captive in Seattle, some raped, robbed & beaten. We suspected this was happening, but now there is a 1st person account. This just can’t be happening in America. It must end.

    An anonymous person just put up this emergency broadcast. The time has come for the President to send in Delta Force and the Seals. He said tonight that this would take less than an hour.

    These Americans are suffering right now. The time of their little Communist experiment has come to an end.

    Even Seattle’s chief of police says there are rapes going in inside this area.

    Bikers for Trump have promised to ride into Seattle and retake the armed camp for America, but the President needs to move before it comes to vigilante justice.

  4. 6 – The Indian’s are saying that the CCP is creating the chaos at Ladakh to take the Chinese people’s minds off the following disasters they are experiencing:

    1) the Wuhan Flu which seems to be returning in a second wave in Peking and other big cities.

    2) The shortage of pork due to the Swine Flu.

    3) The shortage of chicken due to the Bird Flu.

    4) The shortage of wheat and rice due to the late blizzards that killed a lot of the winter wheat and the newly planted rice crop.

    5) The floods that are causing so much damage in portions of China.

    All of the above give the superstitious Chinese reasons to think that the CCP has lost the Mandate of Heaven to rule China.

    The Wuhan Flu around the world has dealt a massive blow to the Chinese Economy (with most of the West shut down we aren’t buying from China) they are an export economy and can’t export when we aren’t importing. They can print enough monopoly money to keep local money in the hands of the Chinese but they can’t purchase the food, oil and raw materials they need with the Yaun. To purchase from overseas they need US dollars and they can only get them by selling goods.

    The article about the death squads says they are desperate to keep the tensions high on the Line of Actual Control but have they guessed wrong and will the tensions they are creating there and elsewhere going to turn into a shooting war. If it does how big a war will it become?

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