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5 Replies to “George Soros funding the Fall of Western Civilization”

  1. If I was the bad guys I would pick out certain people and create “interesting” characters out of them then use them as proxies against their enemies – mainly us. Imagine the progress you could make through life with the Chinese, Russian, or Iranian government on your side giving you insider trading tips and getting you on the tenure track at your university or finding you promising movie-roles through their left-wing producer friends. Do you think they don’t know exactly when the price of oil is going to double or how to write a glowing academic review of your latest paper? Yuri Bezmenov said they picked highly-ambitious movers and shakers who had talent and they sensed would do anything to “make it”. Yuri Bezmenov said that when the crisis comes you would already know the agents. Barbara Streisand? Rob Reiner? Michael Moore? They all carry a lot of water for the enemy when you think about it.

    It’s what I think Jeffrey Epstein might have been, but probably working for us…

    If I was the bad guys I would love owning a George Soros doll and having it go around the world wreaking havoc at will. In fact, giving support to BLM or the Southern Poverty Law Center or The Huffington Post or backing Hillary is exactly the same as dropping bombs on London. It’s “warfare” by any other name. I think Georgy-boy is a “Goliath” created by our enemies to do us dirt on their behalves.

    Like, think about how many battles Stanly Kubric won for the enemy by producing “Dr. Strangelove” and convincing an entire people that noticing a communist plot is a sure sign that you are both crazy and stupid, as well as hilariously funny and ridiculously Texan. “Well, Gawlee!” When you think about it old Stanley should get “The Order of Lenin” with oak clusters for his anti-American masterpiece. A real hero of the revolution. What a guy… And Noam Chompsky is probably a full lieutenant General in the KGB…

    Well…Someone has to fill in for Alex Jones…:)

    • Epstein had backing but it was private individuals who wanted behind the scene power not state movers. If it had been government(s) on our side neither of the Clintons would have flown down to the island.

      • Couldn’t Bill have quite innocently taken a couple of free plane rides without thinking much about it – same with Andy? And Maxwell had undeniable ties to Mossad. I don’t know who was running Epstein but I’m pretty sure someone was. You don’t get to be a billionaire without making a pretty big splash in the world, which Jeffrey didn’t make so I think his money was someone else’s. It’s a lot of money and you don’t get that rich from pimping or blackmailing rich guys… Maybe once, but not for years on end… It’s a real mystery, it is…

  2. I can not say anything about Western civilization, but there are a lot of proteges of George Soros in Ukrainian polity. And such interference greatly impedes the independent development of the state.

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