Brad Johnson update on Greece and Turkey

Greece has actually stated it intends to go to war with Turkey over Turkish moves to take oil from Greek waters. There are a few revelations in this briefing with retired CIA Chief of Station, Brad Johnson.

(This was edited and posted very late last night, hence “Bard” instead of Brad.)

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  1. The flash point we ignore, Brad talked about the problems the US will have in choosing a side to support, one thing he didn’t mention is the opposition the left will make in the US if we try to side with Greece and Putin. The facts say we should side with Greece (yes I know they are a political and economic mess but that doesn’t mean we should let them be conquered or moved into the Russian orbit). The Dems have been pushing Russian collusion lie since 2016 and aren’t about to stop, when Putin sides with Greece to stop Turkey from regaining the European land the Ottoman Empire use to control.

    As was pointed out Turkey invading Greece will destroy the EU with some nations supporting Greece and the rest taking the short sighted position that it isn’t their problem. As was pointed out the Eastern European nations will probably form some type of alliance/union to try and stop Turkey from once again invading and conquering large portions of Eastern Europe. Once again this brings in the Russians and Putin tries to regain the power of the Soviet Union but this time by playing the savior of Europe and the protector of the faith.

    Lets not forget China, they are trying to gain a massive amount of control in Europe so what will they do, assuming they haven’t suffered an economic collapse that prevents them from doing anything.

    • The only foreign direct investment Greece has been able to attract is from CHINA. A strategic notch on the Maritime Silk Belt-&-Road, Huawei included. Done deal.

      Greece is hollowed out: low birthrate, brain-drain emigration of almost 500,000 in the last five years. Nothing but public sector employment, essentially handouts to a low-participation workforce.

      Those handouts are coming from the EU (Germany). That’s why there’s been so little push back against the hordes of aliens with their attendant NGOs. That’s why Greece didn’t align with the Visegrad-4.

  2. Defending yet another failed Orthodox Christian country by the half Judeo-Christian countries with their hands tied behind their backs by Marxist Burdens (those that claim they are loved exactly as they are). Lose if you win, and lose if you don’t. Because if no religious regime-change is done( like they did to Japan to set those great people free), them failed states remain failed states that turn to totalitarianism to replenish their depleted resources, and attack other countries claiming fairness for the populations there that they are only protecting.

    See the Socialist Solution?

    The World’s poison of Free Health Care in Heaven and on Earth. No savings, and no owning responsibilities.

    Sweden therefore had the right approach towards the covid-19 virus: There is no commandment greater than this, that you make your own informed choices…” but then they deliberately omited the second commandment which is just like it “… and suffer the consequencies of your own actions.”

    All they had was “love your neighbor like yourself” that any dhimmi and Benefits Activist will use to draw emotional-cripples towards themselves to clone and reject all the healthy as evil.

    No wonder the rich virtue-signal like crazy and betray each other. They know what’s coming. ‘Take me last! It’s those over there who told the truth! They’re the Hate Criminals!’

    I always appreciate Brad clarifying and balancing the picture on world events. Sad that it is. Thank you.

    • Sweden is awfully bloody minded about killing off its eaters for its breeders. Lopping off a goodly number of pensioners is a net plus. Looks like opening themselves to the third world hasn’t accomplished Denazification.

      Soulless people are far along the path to zombie. The King or his Court will say the shahada, and that’ll be that.

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