Police shooting in Atlanta rekindles arson, riots, one Wendy’s torched

There is a lot on this. Keep an eye on the Reader’s Links for June 13, and 14 to find a lot of news on this. Meanwhile:

Atlanta Police Shooting Results in Protests Turning to Arson – Livestream of Events…

(The actual story is at the link above. As is usually the case for BLM riots, they incite where in fact the shooting of the perpetrator was justified and often unavoidable.)


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9 Replies to “Police shooting in Atlanta rekindles arson, riots, one Wendy’s torched”

  1. this leftist guy on facebook was sharing a list of businesses that according to him are supporting Trumps campaign, Wendy’s included

  2. Keep firing police chiefs and officers who are still doing their job and you guarentee more civil unrest, or worse, because the result is anarchy. The road to hell is lined with appeasement. This article says the cop was fired instantly. Are so many so ready to submit so quickly? And to what? “Political correctness” fits like the skin of the giant snake that just outgrew it.

    The boogeyperson of leftist, feminized, hysterical outrage turned upon itself has its leaders utterly terrified. It’s one thing to conceptualize but quite another to see it in action, and here it is now, on daily display.

    Our Frankfurt postmodernism has produced this Godzilla of a beast. It has the body of a man, the head of a woman, the sex of a eunich and the self-loathing hysterics of a neurotic in full bloom. It stands one-thousand feet tall and shakes the ground with every step.

    “To where do you flee, and from what?” asked David of the man whose sleeve he caught in passing. The road was filled with bedragled townsfolk exiting their village in panic.

    “We flee the monster,” answered the shopkeeper whose shop the beast had smashed and looted. “It is a demon like no other,” continued the man, panting in distress, his mangy ass in tow. “It destroys all that lays before it, and chews and swallows its own limbs insatiably, only to watch them grow back. Like a hellion, it speaks in Hegellian tongues and rampages in this perpetual motion upon us, and upon itself.”

    Jeepers, thought David as the poor villager continued past, I’d better drop the fake ol’ english before I slay this bad boy.


  3. The term “Long Hot Summer” has nothing to do with the temperature of the atmosphere but rather to the political and criminal heat from the left.

    This is going to be a very long hot summer, the Dems/Left know that they have no chance of winning the election on the issues so they are trying to tear the nation apart to try and win enough political power to force full communism down out throats. They are open in their motives and tactics as they use the classic urban guerilla war manual to tear into the fabric of civilization and the rule of law.

    We saw the riots after the Minneapolis murder by some poorly trained police officers, now we are seeing the Atlanta riots for what currently looks like a fully justified shooting. Last night I watched the leftist lawyers who were stoking the fires of unrest by screaming about how there is not justification for the police defending themselves. Rather then trying to calm things down so an independent investigation could be made into the shooting they pushed the idea that the police had no right to feel threatened and that the police have no right to fight when the suspect resists arrest. They want the chaos and anarchy that is being fomented by the insistence that the police are always guilty and that the suspects are always innocent.

    Keep you muskets clean, your powder dry and your bug out bag packed. remember to have several bug out routes picked and scouted because some of most of them may be closed by riots and that is no time to try and find a semi open route out of the center of the chaos and anarchy that most of the big cities are about to become.

  4. Years ago when I was out walking my dog, in a city, I heard sirens and within seconds a car drove over the curb in front of me. I ran up to the porch of a house, the car continued down the sidewalk, across a lawn and around the corner. A police car stopped and the cop yelled at me which way did he go, and then he went the opposite way. I was shocked at the intensity of the moment, I thought at the time how the police have to weigh the safety of the people while in pursuit, everything happened so fast.

    The cop that yelled at me made a smart decision and cut him off a few streets over. I thought the driver was a woman, but it turned out to be a man dressed as a woman, wearing a wig. He had robbed a store.

    I would never judge any situation, police make a call in a moment of great stress and intensity, that is their job, they serve and protect. Grow up people, follow the laws of the land and you will NEVER have a problem.

    • A few years back I was out apartment-hunting with two friends when the police got their wires crossed and mistook us for a group of armed robbers. One minute we’re standing there and the next minute the entire Special Serious Crimes Unit was upon us with guns drawn and aimed right at me and screaming, “Hands above your head!” and “Don’t move!” and various obscenities as they advanced toward us in plain clothes.

      Did I immediately start lipping the cops off non-stop and saying, “I didn’t do nothin'”, and “If I was white you wouldn’t be hassling me”, and, “Get your fucking hands off me!”? Well, if I had I believe those cops would have put about twenty rounds into me – all of them in chest-level groupings. And then the Police Commission would find that it was an honest mistake on the police’s side and, “Oh, well, what can you do… then they’d bury me with a “whoops” shrug.

      Not a good time to reach suddenly into your pocket. I swear, some of those black guys could get themselves shot by the crossing guard. It has never occurred to me in my wildest dreams to resist and fight with the effing police and I’ve always assumed you’d get your ass seriously kicked if you did. In every single one of these “civil rights” cases the black guy has been resisting arrest and the cops have been forced into violence by the perpetrator’s own actions. Who the hell taught these guys that it was OK to fight with the police…?

      Oh, and by the end of the encounter we were all laughing about it and Sargeant Zapato gave us each a real get-out-of-jail card with his number on it. They said it wouldn’t work for murder but it would for DWI or drugs… Cool, eh…?

      • That is cool, Chris. I have a crazy theory. If your father spanked you when you were young, and only when you deserved it, you grow up respecting authority. Amazing, huh?

        I, too, had an encounter only a couple years ago at the do-it-yourself car wash. There I was in my cubicle spraying my car when I sense someone behind me. I turn to see a SWAT cop in full black get up. His revolver is out. He puts a finger to his lips, telling me not to speak. There were at least two more police nearby. Turns out they’d been tracking a big drug dealer who was washing his car in the stall next to mine. Since both of his hands were busy and he was well contained they figured this was their best chance. Then, just like in the movies one of them yelled, “FREEZE! POLICE!”

        They got the guy without incident, but my point is like yours. These cops were serious and adrenalized. One wrong move and…pow.

        Something is seriously wrong when these trained men can’t do their job of protecting us.

        • I have run into good cops and bad cops but the idea of fighting them and bad mouthing them never occurs to me, you don’t resist and then fight them in court. It has never come to court in my case but you know what I mean.

          I will admit that there is one cop in town that plays the bad cop all the time, every time I run into him I am tempted to tell him to stop the bad cop routine and I’ll take him down to the VA where he can meet some real nasty guys (30+ years in spec ops) if they don’t scare me he sure isn’t going to be able to. (a couple of the operators give off the vib that the only reason they don’t kill you is they don’t want to fill out the paperwork.)

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