Tucker Carlson’s segment was stellar, as it has been for several days in a row now: Links 1, June 10, 2020

1. More on the guy shoved by police

2. The burning of books, the rewriting of History, the destruction of evidence of History itself is accelerating in the USA

3. A Doctor annoyedly reacts to the video called Plandemic.

(I wish he didn’t treat people who want to know about this video with such contempt. It is fully reasonable to distrust the orthodoxy at this point since the people we believe and obey on credentials and history have lied to us about every 24 hours. Still, here it is. We posted Plandemic, Without endorsement, but because YT deleted it and social media deciding what is true is no more acceptable than government deciding what is true. This site is built on the premise that its readers is capable of determining what is true based on the evidence presented to them.)

4. To be perfectly clear, to be ‘not racist’ today means to be brutally and violently racist towards white people. This is how far the communists have moved the goal posts.

The following video is extremely harsh. It is said to be two black males brutalizing a white female. But its hard to tell through all the violence.

5. Gun bust at Toronto Airport. Importer not named.

6. Just a glimpse at SOME of the hypocrisy of our elected reps

7. Tucker Carlson, one of the increasingly rare voices of reason, on how the illegal lockdowns where used to subvert democracy

8. Hundreds of self appointed and unquestioning Winston Smiths tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus

Thank you all who contributed today. Everyone please check the comments under the Reader’s Links post for June 10th. A lot of content there


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4 Replies to “Tucker Carlson’s segment was stellar, as it has been for several days in a row now: Links 1, June 10, 2020”

  1. 3. A Doctor annoyedly reacts to the video called Plandemic.

    I don’t know about the movie, “Plandemic”, but I’m tired as hell of sarcastic pricks like this putting people who don’t agree with them down and calling them “idiots” and “morons”. This jerk reminds me of the “swindlers” in the Hans Christian Anderson story “The Emperor’s Magic Clothes” and the way they would make people feel stupid and mundane and uninspired and dull-witted if they couldn’t see the clothes so the people were afraid, to be honest, and admit the Emperor was simply bare naked.

    One of my main beefs with the climate change crowd is the way they never just answer a question in a polite and respectful manner but instead always attack the questioner personally and accuse him of being paid off by an oil company to lie his worthless stupid head off. They never just say, “Good question…and here’s the answer…” It’s always blazing ad hominem machine guns right from the beginning…and hate. So much hate for asking a question… They don’t act like scientists but they do act like communists…

    Oh, and how the hell do people think detectives catch bad guys if not by thinking up little “conspiracy theories” and then working their way through them toward the truth. Just because you wonder about the butler doesn’t mean you are sure he did it and are a moron for going off half-cocked, it’s just a working theory…a possibility…a thread to follow… It doesn’t mean that detectives are all stupid…

    Oh, and if Fauci is such a great guy why did he pour cold water on hydroxychloroquine at the exact wrong moment, thus ensuring that thousands would die without its benefit. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. Why is that…?

    • I’m sorry I posted it.
      It’s geared to medical professionals who have to cope with CASUALTIES of the Anti-Vaxx cult. It presumes a certain level of knowledge and experience.

      …………ZDoggMD is the best teacher of physicians and nurses on the planet…………

      “Plandemic” – People were dazzled watching that fraud’s video. She pressed all the right buttons, trashing people we rightly detest. And then the anti-vaxxers chimed in to firehose us with steaming bull.

      No one took three minutes to check out her story. Michelle Malkin even glossed her with _MIT_ credentials!
      Which should be against the law! How dare she!

      Insensitive? You bet.
      You can call out a communist traitor without hesitation. I call out opportunistic, serial liars who do real damage to real people. People I know.

      A hypothetical vaccine for coronavirus – which is a long shot at best – is an opening for these devils. They’re using it to agitate against vaccines that prevent polio, HPV, and MMR. That’s some achievement – for the devil.

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