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15 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the “Defund the police” movement”

  1. Seattle retreats: Agitators establish ‘autonomous zone,’ name it CHAZ, hold movie night
    By J.E. Dyer June 10, 2020

    Organized agitators in Seattle have declared an “autonomous zone” in part of the city, which they say is not part of the United States of America. A police precinct station was shuttered and the agitators now occupy an area of about six blocks which they have dubbed the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. This came about because the mayor, Jenny Durkan, ordered the police to abandon the area to the agitators.

    This seems to be how they were keeping their cultural and educational needs met on night two of the adventure.


    • Antifa has established a state within a state, this is the beginning of the real nasty fighting, they will try to use this area to expand out and take over all of Seattle followed by taking over the state. The Democrats are going to be destroyed by this action and if the Republicans don’t man up and start showing come courage that party is dead also.

      Things aren’t going to be peaceful for a long time the leaders of the militias were trained in Syria by the PKK and they are hardened experienced combat soldiers/terrorists who don’t value any human life besides their own.

      Stay tuned, there is more to come on this action.

      • It’s not as though I know of anyone else who could do better, but an adept politician works hard to be considered likeable. Maybe PT should have “paid off” the media with FCC license grants and loosening sales tax regulations on internet sales etc 🙂

        The 1860 Civil War was about the severability of the Union. What would happen if the Federal Government cut Washington state free, as an example to the other governors of insurrectionist resistance-minded states?

        I have been having a sinking feeling about PT, comparing his ineffective good-heartedness lately to that of Bernie Madoff and President Jimmy Carter. President Lincoln had the bad luck of being the first Republican president, which means he was the first Republican president to face the precipice of Civil War. I hope that another contributor has a better voice than I do in framing an historical view with a longer lookback than Brad Johnson has. The USSR never had a democratic tradition.
        on date of entry into USA .

        • Bribing the media wouldn’t have worked, their hatred of PT is based on ideology and the fact that he doesn’t belong to the political class. The media are part of the Far Left Swamp and they will never accept any President that isn’t part of the political class. This lack of membership means he doesn’t own any favors to other politicians and that he will work to maintain the freedom of the US instead of helping the Federal Government seize more power then the Constitution allows. If he had tried to bribe the media he would have joined the circus of corruption that grows out of a massive bureaucracy mainly controlled by one party. this would have meant that he would have ended up being unable to do anything about the corruption. His fights with the media are part of the campaign to drain the swamp and with a little luck will return the US media to the ranks of journalists instead of propaganda machines for the Far Left.

  2. I believe, about 60 years ago, the police in Edmonton went on strike. After a couple of days of anarchy, including some murders, they had to send in the army. And this was Edmonton, not Chicago.

  3. Vlad , in the comments on a different blog , one mentioned that Valerie Jarret (Obama’s Rasputin) required every General vying for a 3 or 4 star promotion to be personally interviewed by her with regard to their views.

    It would be interesting to get Brad Johnson’s take on it as to credibility and comments if so.

  4. We live in an age in which practically everybody is in constant possession of a movie-camera that can record events perfectly at the touch of a button. And there are dash-cams on police cars and body-cams on police and cams in every corner of every room and outside space. So it makes sense that if there were an epidemic of white cops shooting and beating young black males for no reason other than sport there would be hundreds of videos recording these frequent occurrences. Right? Sure, the George Lloyd video is police brutality, but it’s the first video like that I’ve seen in years that’s actually real. And even in the Lloyd case he was resisting arrest and lipping off the cop and playing games and acting like an asshole saying, “I can’t stand up. I can’t breathe”. Luckily, for the left, poor George expired at the exact right moment and officer Chavin is in big trouble, but it is a rare video and proves nothing whatsoever about police brutality. Besides, I didn’t hear the cops using the N-word a lot. Why is this case being called “racist”?

    The entire premise of Black Lives Matter is based upon an assertion that simply is not true. If there were an epidemic of white cops murdering black men there would be hundreds of videos showing that reality, and there aren’t. The only murder epidemic is of young black males murdering each other for trivial reasons, and I don’t hear any complaints from the black community so I assume that to them, Black lives actually do not matter very much. All they care about is creating trouble and using it to gain leverage and loot free TV sets and Nikes. It’s sad…

    • Floyd wasn’t murdered at the right time for the Far Left, that would have been just before the Dem Convention, but it was too good an excuse to riot for them to let pass without using. These riots have been planned for a long time and are being centrally controlled, that time was long enough for antifa to send people to Syria and get them military training and experience and then bring the survivors back to become the cadre for the rest of the antifa militia. The State within a State in Seattle has been part of their plan for the same amount of time, they are hoping to create some big event that will make Trump and the US look bad. About the only thing Trump can do is give speeches about how the Mayor and Governor aren’t doing their jobs but he can’t send in the military until after it becomes very obvious that the State isn’t going to do anything and that the people in Seattle are under the control of a criminal organization.

      The left has been fomenting this civil war for decades and they are finally succeeding in starting one, they won’t like the result and no one will like the butchers bill this leftist rebellion is going to require.

      • The invaders want a Black LGBTQ female (?) to be their new leader.
        There doesn’t seem to be any resistance from the population, nor the police.
        They also want chlorine, bleach, muriatic acid… stuff that can be mixed and used as a weapon.
        A female city councillor was the individual who led the march into the Capital building.
        They are now shaking down businesses for $500, in cash or bitcoin, and it seems to be an upcoming weekly requirement. Strangely, business owners aren’t angry, they are complying.
        They are also increasing their area of occupation using the two-row system, members advancing while protected by armed members a short distance behind.
        What the hell !!

        • 1) It takes time to build a resistance and the first thing you need is a leader.

          2) For the past three years the leftist government in Seattle have been teaching the people to let Antifa do what it wants. Now that Antifa is in charge the $500 per week seems a lot cheaper then wondering when their store was going to be looted and burned in a riot.

          3) The idea of taking care of your own problem has been vilified for many decades, the big cities have been subjected to more of this then the people living in the country. The latter soon learn that the average police response time is half an hour so you need to be able to protect yourself. In the cities the average response time is around 5 minutes but people seem to be willing to live with that rather then protect themselves.

          4) The big gun control pushes started in the 1960s and have had more success in the coastal states, how many of the shop owners have firearms to resist the mob? Given the right leadership they will fight but until that leadership shows up they are feeling abandoned. They are willing to accept anyone as long as they keep the wolves from the doors.

      • I forgot to mention they don’t want any males in position of power or leadership. Males are second-class citizens and they have no say in decision-making.

        This is what happens when a city elects Leftist females to govern them. We’ve seen it in all Democrat cities.

        • Sassy ~ solution:
          A white man finds his INNER lesbian black identity. He insists he’s a zhe and a zher.
          Now zhe puts a rag over zher head and that’s that.

  5. At the funeral for George Floyd at The Fountain of Praise Church, Huston, Texas,
    Rev. Remus Wright thanked the Nation of Islam, “which did such a wonderful job in security”.

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