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One Reply to “Dr. Zelenko on the Lancet article, the retraction, and the politicization of the use of hydroxychloroquine”

  1. The fact that the WHO as well as whoever is controlling the left has been willing to see thousands of people die rather than see the pandemic shorten or Donald Trump get a credit-point should send a cold chill down a thinking person’s spine. What kind of person would sink so low…? This grim fact puts Pelosi and Schumer et al into the Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Pol Pot category and should really frighten you.

    The Dems are demonstrating that they are willing to commit mass murder to achieve their goals and I think that strongly suggests they are being run by our foreign dictator-friends. What real loyal American would knowingly let thousands of New York senior citizens die just to make a point against the Republican Party? That order had to come from somebody who truly hates the good old USA and knows how to expertly manipulate the low-IQ people who’s dim alway-wrong brains dictate so much of our lives.

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