Candice Owens on the martyring of serious criminals

Really worthy video by Candace Owens on the peculiar martyring of serious criminals in the black community.

We believe BLM is a front for communist organizations. But she makes valid points all through this anyway, not withstanding who is doing the martyrdom.

Also she uses the term, ‘Consensus’ which is a Frankfurt school term intended to be read as ‘agreement for policy purposes’ or something very much like that, but in truth means, the most radical player at the table determines how things are, and anyone who disagrees with it is guilty of hate speech.

I remember when listening to the trial of the police in the treatment of the Los Angeles career criminal, Rodney King. The judge would NOT ALLOW the reading of King’s criminal history at the trial of the officer as “it would prejudice the jury”.

A few years after all that mess, if I recall correctly, King was re-arrested for the pimping of children as prostitutes.

Thank you RAIR Foundation for the link to this video.


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