Islamic prayer during insurgency actions, and who is funding all this? Well you all know already: Links 1, June 7, 2020

1. Tom

on Soros’ involvement, along with the US Department of State, in funding communist subversion around the world.

2. Dozens of black cars liberated by anti-racism protestors. As far as we can tell, it was mostly black or dark grey cars that were taken from giant fenced in pens, stored over hot concrete.

3. Avi Yemeni tries to let facts get in the way of socialist protestors and their useful idiots.

4. Huawei founder declares “war” on the West | New

June 7, 2020

The Huawei founder urged workers to crush their rivals and “open the way to blood” in the Chinese telecommunications giant’s battle for supremacy.


Ren Zhengfei ordered staff at Huawei’s research and development center in Hangzhou, east China, to learn from Google’s continued march. “Soar, killing as you go, to set fire to us,” he said a month after his daughter’s arrest in Canada in 2018, according to a transcript published by the Wall Street Journal .


In February Ren, a former Chinese military engineer with close ties to the heart of the Communist Party, also told staff at a Huawei campus in Wuhan that “society has entered a state of war,” according to a transcript seen by the WSJ.

5. Interesting article on how the fashionable trend away from eating red meat has led to the sickest population in history where people followed that trend.

6. Notice how everyone is using Zoom for some reason during the lockdown? Zoom is a Chinese company. Oh and look…


7. Letter alleged to be from General Flynn. Even if it is a forgery, its still a worthy letter.

8. China’s efforts towards manifest destiny appear to be increasing and increasingly threatening

(At this point if I was Chris Chapel, I would be tempted to wear a mask in public at all times and always use the back and side doors)

9. Police Sheriff takes CNN’s Don Lemon to task

10. Africans murder Chinese immigrants in a racist attack ANTIFA will pretend doesn’t exist.

11. Most important thing about protesting a black guy with a massive criminal record dying while in police custody, is islamic prayer.

Thank you Richard, M., EB., Johnny U., Fred AM., Chris Jones, Malevolent Pixie, Wrath of Khan, MissPiggy and all who sent in materials today so far and overnight.




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6 Replies to “Islamic prayer during insurgency actions, and who is funding all this? Well you all know already: Links 1, June 7, 2020”

  1. 8 – If I were Chris I would wear a mask in public but I would also move to a state where it is easier to buy firearms and get permission to carry them. I would give the same advice to everyone at NTD and Epoch Times, the communist insurrection is going to continue to grow and anti-communist news organizations are going to be targeted just like the cops and politicians that don’t swear loyalty to the radical left.

    Having said that remember the string of pearls that China is trying to build to have naval bases that wall off India and give China control of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. If this policy is allowed to be completed it will give the CCP a very large amount of control over who ships goods in those regions and massive control on what they are shipping. this is why during the Obama years (when we was busy trying to destroy the US military) Japan, Nam India, Indonesia and maybe the Philippines were working to develop a mutual defense organization like NATO. The other nations were worried about the Japanese history (especially WWII) but were more afraid of China. I haven’t heard about this effort since Trump was elected but I do know this hasn’t stopped Japan from changing it Constitution so it can project power outside of Japanese waters and building up its Naval, Ground and Air Forces. India is also working hard to build up its navy so it can protect the trade routes to India.

    As we have seen in the last month China is still making moves against India in the Himalayan Mountains (I still think the last push was to take attention off Hong Kong) but they are moving slowly on the ground campaign because India still has free shipping routes to their Southern Ports which will allow raw materials and finished weapons to be shipped in if there is a war. The new Naval Base in Pakistan is important to the Chinese plan but Naval bases on Islands in the Indian Ocean are just as important. We haven’t heard much on this area lately so I don’t know what the Chinese are doing in that region.

    Also China is suffering from a 2nd wave of the Wuhan Flu and their economy is still limping. The survival of the CCP is still in doubt and if they do survive will they manage to keep enough economic and international political power to carry out their plans in the next 4 or 5 decades?

  2. #2
    496(D) – Receive/Etc Known Stolen Property Over $200
    10851(A) – Take Vehicle W/O Owner’s Consent
    2800.2(A – Evasion – Wanton Disregard for Safety
    463(A) – Burglary During State of Emergency – Looting

    Arrested For
    496(D) – Receive/Etc Known Stolen Property Over $200
    463(A) – Burglary During State of Emergency – Looting
    Arrest Date
    June 1, 2020

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