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25 Replies to “President Trump on the looting and riots and events used to justify those riots”

  1. “This is compelling analysis of #GeorgeFloydMurder video footage”
    CrowdsourcetheTruth – Twitter – May 30, 2020

    Yes. Where are the crowds? Why is the glass bus stop shelter not seen in the original video with the crowds? Who are those 2 relaxed looking men standing in back of the police car, plus one man hidden behind the police car wearing a baseball hat? Is this a different location from the original video site?

    • It seems to be the same location.

      Tim Nelson gives the address: 38th & Chicago Ave
      Google Maps: 3757 Chicago Ave. Minneapolis, MN
      Cup Foods – Left to right: 2 outer windows, 1 inner window, Apt. door with 3757, then 4 windows and corner entrance door.
      To the left of “Cup Foods” is a Western Union Sign posted on the same type of stone wall. Left of the sign is the glass pane bus stop shelter.

      Red Rover’s video clip shows the car closer to the corner, in front of the first 2 windows and entrance door of the restaurant. No stone wall seen. So that could be the reason why the bus stop station does not show up in the original video. More room for the witnesses to film the medics arriving etc.

      Tim Nelson’s video – The police car looks as if it has been moved back towards the bus stop station. The Western Union sign posted on the stone wall can be seen to the back end of the PD vehicle.
      The front end of the PD vehicle is positioned towards the first two restaurant window panels (going from left to right), before the apt. door entrance. Or it could just be the camera angles.
      But I don’t recall seeing those three men in the original video when the paramedics arrived on the scene.

  2. Antifa and the other leftist militias are working overtime to start a race and or class war that can be used to create a situation where a radical leftist Democrat can become President. The agitators who are directing the violence are using hit and run tactics to spread the police out across the cities and make them run from one location to another to handle a new outbreak of violence, arson and looting. I heard several people being interviewed on FOX that talked about how the tactics were those of guerillas not the actions of criminal rioters.

    People were arrested in all of the cities but I don’t think the agitators who were directing the violence were among those arrested. While the police are showing that the rioters have to be confronted from the very beginning the Left Wing Mayors of a lot of the big cities waited too long and the rioters have learned which cities will tolerate their violence and which won’t.

    I don’t know what the physical temps are going to be this summer but the political temperature is going to be very hot, we can expect more riots around the US this summer and they may spread to Canada and Britain. While some places will be safer then others no place will be totally safe and we all have to learn to develop situational awareness and learn to search for alternative exits from every place we enter.

  3. Thanks for the great coverage. This is all connected to the Covid Lock Down but what surprises me is that regular law abiding citizens never rose up to protest being kept under house arrest for the last few months.
    The masks are just TOO convenient.

  4. This is and never should be a job for police enforcement. These types of riots (which some still insist on calling demonstrations) are the job of the militia and/or the armed forces. It is time to start using the proper response to quell these goons once and for all.

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