Ottawa mosque that lost status in 2018 cries “Islamophobia” to get charitable tax status back

Canadian Council of Imams alleges ‘Islamophobia’ at CRA after Ottawa mosque loses charity status

(An Ottawa mosque lost its charity status in 2018 because it invited speakers in who demanded the deaths of gay people and all the usual statements of Islam about the unbeliever and non-conformist to Islamic norms. They lost that status due to ‘hate speech’ claims. Much better if there was no such thing as hate speech and religious institution’s funding rested on not using their pulpit for political purposes. However Canada uses the ludicrous and ultimately Marxist, ‘Hate Speech’ tactic and in this instance it served the interests of Democracy. However now, the mosque is claiming the problem is Islamophobia and they want their charitable status restored.)

The Canadian Council of Imams is calling on the federal government to investigate their allegations of Islamophobia within the Canada Revenue Agency for making what they call “false” and “misleading” claims against two Muslim leaders.


The allegations come after the CRA stripped the charity status of the Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque in 2018 following audits that raised concerns about past guest speakers and “activities that promote hate and intolerance.”


The CCI said that the CRA published “defamatory” statements against two of its members, Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick and Imam Said Rageah, which “falsely” connected them to “hate, intolerance, and terrorism.”

What did CAIR Canada, deceptively renamed NCCM to avoid the CAIR label, have to say about the loss of status?

This is from 2018:

And who are these speakers that prompted the government to remove status from these mosques, and what did they say?

A VladTepes report from the mosque on the week that Charitable Status was revoked:

It should be interesting to see if the Trudeau Government elects to give them back their charitable status with the usual Neo-Marxist accusations of “Islamophobia” and nothing else.


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  1. In 2017 mosques in Toronto and Montreal were calling for the killing of Jews polytheists and anyone who had “displaced sons of Muslims”.

    Dundas Street Mosque in Toronto:
    “Oh Allah! give us victory over disbelieving people… Oh Allah! give victory to Islam and raise the standing of Muslims. And humiliate the polytheism and polytheist. Oh Allah! give victory to your slaves who believe in oneness of Allah, oh the Lord of the Worlds! O Allah! give them victory over the criminal people. Oh Allah! DESTROY anyone who killed Muslims. Oh Allah! DESTROY anyone who displaced the sons of Muslims. Oh Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them. Oh Allah! Purify Al-Aqua mosque from the filth of the Jews! Oh Allah! Purify Al-Aqua from the filth of the Jews!

    Montreal Al Andalusia Islamic Center:
    Destroy the accursed Jews and kill them one by one give victory to our brother who engage in Jihad for your sake everywhere.
    Imam described the Jews as “people who slayed the prophet, shed their blood and cursed the Lord”.

    Same place Imam Wael-al-Ghitawi:
    Jersulem is Arab and Islamic and Jews are descendants of mongols.

    Ottawa mosque Imam Abdu Albasset Egwilla:
    martyrdom in the name of Allah.

    Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhim:
    Canadian soldiers are war criminals
    We owe Canada nothing, we work for Islamic political system
    Jews are descendants of apes, pigs and monkeys.

    Toronto —Brampton, Canadian Shiite Imam Jaffer H. Jeffery:
    we must support leaders like Khamenei, Sistani when they stand up to Trump’s bullying.

    April1, 1996 Canada Imam Zafar Bangash :
    It is time to pick up stones, stone homosexuals to death; Muslims cannot coexist with Jews and the West.

    Islamic Party Of Ontario Feb 18, 2018. Jawed Anwar:
    Public schools are ideological slaughter houses for our children; mankind should be guided by Islam not liberalism.

    Imam to MUSLIM YOUTH, Sheikh Younus Kathrada, Victoria B.C.
    Muslims must be offended when people worship Jesus. Congratulating non-Muslims on Christmas and other “false festivals” is a far greater sin than murder, adultry and other sins.

    Montreal Al Sunnah Mosque, Friday July 21, 2006
    Sheikh Omar Soufyane, who was bayat, swearing member of Al-Qaddafi. speaking of the Middle East crisis Mr.Soufane called for God to kill all the enemies of Islam to the last.
    Friday August 11,2006. — replacement Imam
    Told the youth they should mobilize. Prepare to fight a Holy war. he told them they are the ammunition of our community.

    The list is long, one could go on and on but I digress “……..

    Social justice activists have weakened the debate in Canada about the role of Islamists.

    Mullah Syndrome, coined by Danish politician Nasir Khadr refers to government officials, especially policy makers, police and intelligence agencies, to engage predominantly with Islamist groups.

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