More oddities surrounding Chloroquine reporting

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  1. We are in an age of politics not science, the Wanna Be Dictators of the left have made everything political including whether or not certain medicine works. They are basing their decisions on the politics of the person who first mentioned that medicine if they disagree with that political stance the medicine is bad. When you combine this attitude with the lack of concern about the lives of humans and you get politicians deliberately suppressing the medicine while placing infected people among the most vulnerable people. The latter action could be partially caused by a belief in the Deep Ecology idea that 3.4ths of the human race needs to die.

  2. “Globalists using COVID-19 to usher in UN Agenda 2030 ‘Brave New World’ ten years ahead of schedule”
    by Leo Hohmann – April 15, 2020


    Michael Matt, executive editor of Remnant TV, exposed this cabal and connected the dots as well as anyone, and I strongly recommend his podcast, “Trumping the Gates of Hell.”

    Trumping the Gates of Hell
    “COVID19: Globalism’s Perfect Storm”
    The Remnant Video – April 11, 2020

  3. Mr. Sachs goes on and on about the United States and Donald Trump but there is only really one issue that is more important to him than all the others and that is climate change. Donald Trump has the courage to come right out and call climate change a hoax and climate change is the basis of the globalists’ secret plans for our future so the two are really a rock and a hard place…

    Imagine if Mr. Sachs and AOC had their way and they had the power to make everyone in the world dance to their tune whenever they felt like amusing themselves. Try to think of one thing in life that doesn’t have something to do with CO2 and then imagine the kind of intrusions they will be able to make into our lives once Trump is out of the way. From restricting your weekly meat intake to making you walk to the grocery store, they’ll be enthusiastically making our lives miserable if we let them, and making big bucks in the process from the Green Fund. They will have an excuse to judge our every movement and they will revel in their power. It won’t be much fun being alive if American Democrat traitors like Jeffery Sachs have their way…

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