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7 Replies to “Marine Le Pen offers words on the current invasion of Europe by Turkey’s proxies.”

  1. And yet, if I attempt to discuss all this with any of my Canadian friends and neighbors they all think that “Islamic terrorism” is highly exaggerated and that Climate change and a rising white-supremacist movement are the main problems on Earth today, not this Islamic nonsense which is really just a tool of the Republican racists. Canadians are utterly clueless and will no doubt give their country away as a gift before they’d think of defending it…

    • I think the way to work in Canada, is gentle mentions of facts they would agree with at first. Like the BC dad, Hoogland in BC. Canadians once made aware of the facts would all agree that “this is political correctness gone to far” or something very Canadian like that.

      Once you have them admitting that, then you can say something not too too far away from that point that they don’t agree with but won’t necessarily argue with. Then its about taking the rubber band off of their minds and when it comes off, then you have allies.

      Here is an example of another strategy very different from the one above:

      Say something extreme in a funny way. Then when the laughing stops explain why its true and watch the smile fade.

      You – “The Metric system is a commie plot”.

      Listener- “HHahahaha you are a nut!”

      You – When Trudeau put that in, he made it an imprisonable offence to measure in imperial. Yet over 90% of our trade was with the USA at the time and more or less still is.

      The socialist wishes to take over any and all aspects of the culture that bind a people together and to their history and change it to something dictated by the state. Trudeau by forcing a system on the public which is of no practical benefit, as science was already free to use any system they wanted for whatever purpose, was clearly trying to use state power for purposes of dominating the culture. Language issues was parallel. This is classic culture war by socialists before Canadians understood what they were experiencing.

      The Imperial system is more human in terms of our experience, and connects us to our British roots and collective culture. And if you want a scientific method for temperature, use Kelvin. That is real science.

      It hurt trade and gained nothing except conceded the power to the state to make these kinds of determinations with actual incarceration with failure to comply. Everything also got more expensive as a litre is smaller than a quart but prices stated the same for 1 litre as they were for a quart.”

      Listener often loses the smile at that point.

      The trick with Canadians, and most people who are sleepwalking is not to deliver too much truth in one go or else you will be dismissed. Find a spot of reality which they can agree is problematic. Then move to a spot they don’t know but can’t argue as you are clearly reasonable.

      Then you have to depend on the ‘twig’.

      The twig is where their own thoughts and experience cause them to suddenly harken back to what you had said and they get why its true. Its a downhill battle from there.

      • Wise words…:)

        And I’ve been thinking about Trudeau’s decision to turn Canada metric and I cannot for the life of me think of any reason other than pure malice for why he would do that – considering the circumstances. Then Fidel Trudeau gave Omar Kadhr $10,000,000 dollars for murdering a US Medic and purposely pissed off the mercurial Donald Trump by letting all the Muslims that he had banned into Canada, and now I understand all. The Trudeaus are Communists and their only desire is to hurt Canada as much as possible in preparation for the Socialist Revolution that is coming…

  2. If she can avoid Prison or more probably assassination she will be a strong leader moving France back to freedom.

    It looks like crunch time is coming for Europe and a short time after that for North America.

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