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11 Replies to “Tommy Robinson on Danish TV after being awarded Free Speech Award”

  1. Man, 32, is arrested for attempted murder after boy, 10, was stabbed in the neck on a Leicester street
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  2. As always, Tommy did an excellent job dealing with that loathsome excuse for a journalist. I thought the ones we have here in the US were bad, but this creep took it to a whole new level.

    Instead of acting like a reporter, he came across like a cop doing an interrogation! Tommy held his own and showed up the putz for what he is-a petty tyrant with a microphone.

    I still can’t believe that Tommy is still strong as ever, despite his endless persecution by the UK and Big Tech establishments.
    God bless Tommy and his family.

  3. Every time Tommy Robinson has an interview like this, which is most of the time, It gives him a chance to set the record straight. And I think there are still fair minded people who will see the interview and realize he’s telling the truth. Especially when they’ve seen some of these things with their own eyes.
    There’s a saying: You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.
    I think that overall, these interviews work in his favour, tough though they are.

    • On that same theme EW., its noteworthy that although the interviewer was harsh, he DID allow Tommy to answer in full and uninterrupted after each question.

      To be fair and reasonable that is 100X better than any UK, US left or Canadian show would ever allow.

      On the other hand, the interview of the chair of the FPS right after Tommy, he was much worse. But he still let her answer. But it did not go well for her. She was not equipped for the ambush he prepared for her.

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