German Mayor takes heat for statement appearing to blame teenage girls for being gang raped

Russian news item on German handling of severely criminal muslim migrants

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The Mayor, who’s initial statement appeared to blame the girls for being vulnerable to gang rape, did damage control with the following revision of his earlier statement:

The Ulm Police Department is investigating five suspects who allegedly raped a 14-year-old in a community in the southern Alb-Danube district. With regard to the public discussion that has developed from this, Mayor Gunter Czisch gives the following clarification on his statement:
“I very much regret that my original statement was misunderstood. Of course, the girl is not to blame. The blame for this act lies exclusively and unequivocally with the alleged perpetrators. I have no doubt that the police and the public prosecutor will investigate and punish the perpetrators with all their available means. Such a crime is horrific and hard to believe. My sympathies go out to the victim and his family and I wish you all the strength and help you need to deal with this trauma.”
The mayor’s original admission was as follows:
1.I am just as shocked as anyone who has read this message in the last few hours
2.People expect the police and prosecutors to act quickly. This has happened, the alleged perpetrators have been apprehended and the crime must be investigated quickly.
3.I welcome the open information policy of the police and the public prosecutor’s office. There must be no doubt about the ability to act. No matter where someone comes from, the rule of law must show a clear edge in such cases.
4.For several years, safety in Ulm has been a top priority. With the security partnership and the KOD and the call for more police in public spaces, we need to signal to people that security is visible.
5.Women, especially children and young people, need special protection.
6.Children and young people have nothing to look for in the city alone at
night. Parents are also required to fulfil their duty of supervision, because underage girls are not allowed to travel alone in the city at night.
(When a Toronto Police chief suggested that women take some degree of responsibility for what happens to them in terms of the risks they take, an international movement started called “The Slut Walk” where women paraded around dressed provocatively in a show of defiance to the police advice)

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3 Replies to “German Mayor takes heat for statement appearing to blame teenage girls for being gang raped”

  1. Parents can’t be absolved of their responsibilities for protecting their children. Premature sexualization is all the more reason for vigilance.
    “Don’t blame the victims” is a cop-out, a plea to the nanny-state. Fact is, real life is a cruel nanny. As Jordan Peterson says, “Grow the hell up.”

  2. There are no good reasons to commit rape. Period. End of story. All related discussions are related to social propriety. That mayor needs to be impeached, but I imagine the stupid krauts would rather kill themselves than do anything good for their country.

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