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14 Replies to “Leftist Dutch media demands respect for the Islamic State and Al Baghdadi”

    • What a pity we do not have free speech anymore because I have a great response to how I would like to increase respect to terrorist dead a great deal.

  1. I should mention that this guy is the former Commander-in-chief of the dutch armed forces. He always sounded like a hard-nosed realist, but he must have lost his way. He’s talking out of the side of his neck, if you understand dutch you’ll know how incoherent he sounds. He can barely string 4 words together.

    His son Dennis van Uhm was a lieutenant serving in Uruzgan, Afghanistan, he died in ’08 when his vehicle was hit by an IED. Maybe this affected him somehow? Or he’s going senile.

    He became famous because of his TED talk “Why I chose a gun”.

  2. The Voldemort Effect, is the state of being fretful of naming someone or something out of fear of being attacked or killed. Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter “He who must not be named”. The phrase, with respect to Islamists, was coined by British activist Maajid Nawaz in context of Islamism: individuals are fearful and reluctant to call out the ideology of Islamism as the underlying cause of Jihadist terrorism.

    Comedian John Cleese said, “You can’t make jokes about Muslims because they will kill you.”

  3. Wasn’t it the Turkish Muslim soldiers recently who showed their respect for the dead by decapitating corpses? Talk about respect.

  4. More respect from Joel Harden, the NOT so honourable NDP Provincial Member of Parliament representing Ottawa Centre, the man who wants to make Ontario a sanctuary province.

    Last week this disgraceful MPP, tweeted he is “saddened, sickened and disgusted” by Isreal’s arrest of Khalida Jarrar, who he called “My parliamentary colleague”.
    Jarrar, is a high-ranking member of the Popular Front For The Liberation of Palestine, a designated terrorist entity in Canada. Jarrar was arrested and convicted of incitement and promoting terrorist acts in 2015, she had been released from prison and was re-arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activity.

    He should be made to step down, he is a absolute disgrace to Ontario politics. Left, left ———slide. How disturbing! What does Singh have to say about this?

    • I should say “What do the brothers Singh think of this, after all they have both stated there is no room for hate speech in Ontario”. Well maybe it depends on who is spewing it.

  5. Really, calls for violence in Canadian mosques are being normalized by Imams who come from organizations as such themInternational Union for Muslim Scholars or are educated at the university of Medina.

    Repeated claims from mosques that such events are MISTAKES, or the result of poor TRANSLATIONS large cover ups for the Islamists message.

    Shocking that in February 2017, mosques in Toronto and Montreal where calling for the killing of Jews, polytheist and anyone who had “displaced the sons of Muslims,”. This is not new, a variety of mosques in Canada have been caught making similar calls.

    Appologists for the 2017 spews have tried to explain the situations by saying that the supplications were the result of “ clumsy and unacceptable phrasing” by a substitute Imam. The Imam said he had been “misspeaking” and that he regretted his statements. How to kill all the Jews or to “Purify Al-aqua Mosque from the filth of the Jews” can be misinterpreted is beyond this kaffir. Both mosques have a direct affiliation with the Muslim Association of Canada.

      • Perhaps the Imam at his ISIS son’s funeral in Montreal, was trying to explain what the term “displaced the sons of Muslims” means when he said “Allah break the backs of the tyrants and oppressors and the unjust and those nations of the world that are with them. Allah they have gathered against us and are scheming against us, so scheme against them”.

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