Brad Johnson on the new degree to which Hillary Clinton seems to have committed high crimes

We did three sort videos with Brad today on the state of the real investigations in DC on real, and really serious crimes by Democrats and the deep state, which look more and more like sedition.

This one is on Hillary Clinton and new info on the email scandal.

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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the new degree to which Hillary Clinton seems to have committed high crimes”

  1. He is right, we have to bring the US government back into the norms that we were use to, we can’t continue to have a nation where one party thinks it is above the law and uses the full force of the law to harass the other political party.

  2. A month or so ago Brad Johnson said that he didn’t want to see a former President of the United States put in prison and in another interview said that with extraordinary evidence they could put one in prison.

    Obama had to know about the private server and if there is evidence of this (the same standard of evidence as everyone else is held to) he must be tried and if found guilty sentenced to prison. Neither of the two massive abuses of power committed by the Federal Government during his 8 years in office could have been without him knowing about and either OKing or ordering. There are Hillary using a private server and allowing tens of thousands of classivied documents to be read by all of our enemies and any friends who wanted to hack her server. The other was the weatherization of the Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Orginizations to use them against American Citizens who held different political view then Barack Obama.

    These Abuses of Poser (so far they are the worst know but more lesser ones or ones of equal depravity may come to light) are what gave the Democrats the Idea that they could stage a permanet coup against the duly elected President of the United States and that they could ignore all laws and traditions and hold impeachment hearings and trials in secret star chambers in their attempt to regain power over the US citizens.

    If Freedom is going to survive in the United States we must bring all of the people involved in the two crimes mentioned above and those in lesser crimes that are brought out by the investigations to Justice. Holding them to the same standard of evidence as any other citizen of the United States and sentencing to the same or harsher sentences that anyone else would receive. I can make a good argument for harsher punishment because they were the people who were suppose to be protecting us from Foreign Enemies and anyone in the US that wanted to take our rights away from us. They abuse the trust that we placed in them and used the power the temporally gave them to attempt to seize that power permanently and to take all of our natural rights away from us. We must ensure that in the future our elected Representatives and the Civil Servants hired to help them never again try to enslave the Free People of the United States.

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